Australian / New Zealand allergy links

Willow Confectionary
Willow Confectionery Nut egg and gluten free chocolate bars Australia

Sweet William
Sweet William Chocolate Spread Free of Nuts Dairy and Gluten (Austraila)

Cadbury Austalia
Cadbury Austrailia Cross contamination information as well as a nut free plant,

Gourmet Thai Made in Australia Peanut free, wheat free,
dairyless gluten free gourmet Thai marinade

4Ever Free Delicious tasting range of New Zealand made,
health caring, cakes for people with special dietary concerns. Free of Wheat,
Gluten, Dairy and Peanut

Carrying Cases
Active Aid (Austrailia) Cases for Epipens and other meds

National Asthma Council of Austrailia

Food Standards Australia New Zealand Allergies
Food Standards Austailian and New Zealand Goverment site

Anaphylaxis australia

Allergy Block
This is an on-line store with forum, and recipies for people
avoiding certain foods.

Allergy Kidzware  (Australia) Allergy alerts embroidered on
quality kid clothing.

Allergy New Zealand

Medical Alert NZ

NZ Manufactured Food Database

Allergens available for IgE antibody measurement (New Zealand)

Dairy Australia

Dietitians Association of Austrailia

Reflux Infants Support Association Inc.

Star Allergy Alerts (Australia)
Fun range of allergy awareness BADGES, T-SHIRTS AND STICKERS
in modern colours "Conveying the allergy message for you and your child"

The gut foundation IBS,Colin Cancer& Other Gastral information

The Coeliac Society of Australia

Local Coeliac support groups in Australia

The Coeliac Society of Western Austrailia Inc.
Coeliac Society of Victoria Website
Coeliac Society of Queensland
The Coeliac Society of NSW Inc
The Coeliac Society of Tasmania Inc.
The Coeliac Society of South Austrailia Inc.



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