Living GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free) interview with Flamenco Mom Gluten-free casein free mama blogspot

You keep a blog that deals with being both gluten and casein free.
What inspired you to start a blog?

A little over six years ago, we started my daughter on a gluten and casein free diet. We had done some research in using diet as a means of helping autistic patients. It was a tremendous success with our daughter. As time went on, many people would ask me about implementing the GFCF diet in their homes. I then decided it would be a great idea to have all that information, and other interesting stuff about our family, on a blog.

What health benefits have you had, after going gluten
and casein free?

There has been great improvement in my familyís health. It wasnít until we started using the diet that we realized just how much all of us are affected by the foods we eat. My daughterís focus and behavior have improved dramatically; some of the repetitive behaviors she exhibited have been curtailed, and she isnít plagued by some of the digestive problems she had as a toddler. We focus a lot more on eating whole foods, so our diet in general is higher in natural fibers, and processed foods rarely make an appearance on our table.

Often food limitations lead people to discover new and different foods.
What are some alternative grains you have discovered?

Iím really enjoying using buckwheat and millet right now. For baking, Iíve used sorghum, buckwheat, millet, arrowroot, tapioca, corn, rice flour, and teff. Iím a dangerous girl in the health food storeóI want to try everything!

With two children, one also gluten and milk free, what are some of
your favorite foods, both you and your children enjoy?

My kids and I love breakfasts, so reworking breakfast favorites in GFCF versions is always fun. Iíve made a ton of different varieties of pancakes, waffles, muffins, and quickbreads. And what kid doesnít like things like fried chicken, pizza, and spaghetti? So I try to include those in meal planning as well.

Often friends and family can be less than helpful or just not get
food allergies or intolerences. What positive acts of kindness has a friend
or family member shown your family with food allergies?

Tell me about it! I canít even count how many times a loved one has said, ďWell just a little wonít hurt, right?Ē My mother-in-law, who lives with us, is always on the lookout for new things to try. Every so often sheíll bring something home for us to try. My mom, who lives a few hours away, has started to experiment more with baking. Sheís been buying more GFCF products to keep on hand when the grandkids visit, which is a big help. Our relatives are kind enough to let us know whatís on the menu when we visit ahead of time so I can be preparedóor theyíre sure to have a few GFCF options on hand.

You recently have gone yeast free, what challenges have you
encountered with this change?

Well, itís certainly forcing me to reevaluate my relationship with sugar! Iím now faced with the challenge of modifying some of my recipes to incorporate natural sweeteners into my cooking. Also, since yeast is the leavening agent of choice in most baked goods Iím trying to find new ways to cook without it. Iíve also had to quit coffee; anybody who knows me knows that this has been a tough one.

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