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Cafe Memento Cafe Memento vegitarian and dairy free easy to spot Blackheath, Australia

The Counter Custom Built Burgers The Counter Custom Built Burgers allergy information easy to read allergy chart. USA Ireland, Kuwait Saudi Arabia

Rainforest Cafe Rainforest Cafe London England has allergy information nuts, gluten and eggs

Chefs of Tandoori Adelaide Australia Gluten Free Nut Free and dairy free menu items link

Raymondos Raymondos (UK) Nut and dairy free menus

Quacker Restaurant Quacker Restaurant Austrailia on menu GF= Gluten Free DF= Dairy Free

Ellerby B&B Elerby B&B gluten free, raw all vegan organic. East Yorkshire (UK)

Kirstenosh Tea Room Kirstenbosh Tea Room Wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, egg free,
dairy free options South Africa

The Green House The Green House Vegan Mancheaser, England

Palace of India Palace of india Dairy Free and Gluten Free menus New Zealand

The Green Man The Green Man Wheat Free and Dairy free options Fakenham Norfolk

Yogen Fruz Yogen Fruz Has Dairy and Non Dairy Fruit Smoothies (international locations)
*Non dairy not available all locations.

Honey bunsGluten, wheat and dairy free products United Kingdom locations link

Surf City Sqeeze Surf City Squeeze Download allergy information Shakes and smoothies

On the Boarder On the Boarder Mexican and Catina click allergen info
Locations include Egypt, Korea, Saudi Arabia

More Allergy Dinning Tips

  • Use this as a starting point only, only you can deside what is safe.

  • You may want to plan ahead if your visiting a resturant.

  • Visit off peek hours when staff are less busy to answer your allergy questions

  • It is fine, and often done, is bring your own food that your not allergic to.

  • Any resturant can have cross contamination issues, it is up to you to asses your risk level.

  • If you print off allergy guides, bring and date them, so you know how old they are.

  • Some leave their Epi-pens on the table so staff can see them

  • Tell your server first thing that you or your family member has an allergy


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    Allergy information or guides from Restaurants, milk free and other allergyns at resturants. There are many allergy cards on the market. These help explain food allergies to restaurant staff. If you print out lists of safe foods, write the date on it so you know how old your list is. Only you can deside if it is safe, ask questions.