names of milk, found on ingredient lists

Avoiding milk protein, List of hidden names containning milk protein

Tips on avoiding milk, information on food labeling and hidden milk. Information on other allergies, and Celiac diets.
Listings for dairy free,nut free and wheat free foods.


This list may not be complete.

The following contain, or may contain milk:

Nisin (may) Curds Whey
Casein Rennet Lactose
Lactulose Whey and casein hydrolysates Lacalbumin
Lactoglobulin Lactate starter Ammonium caseinate
Artificial butter flavour (not always)     Butter solids/fat Calcium caseinate
Caramel colour (not always) Caramel flavouring (not always)     Caseinate
Delactosed whey Demineralized whey Dried milk
High protine flour (not always) High protine flour Hydrolzed casein
Lactabum Lactabum phosphate Lactate
Lactroferrin Lactogloblin Magnesium caseinate
milkderivative Milk fat opta (fat replacer)
Potassium caseinate Solids Sour cream solids
Sour solids Sour milk solids Whey protine concentrate
Enriched flour(not always) Formage frais Sodium Steatoyal(not aways)
Sherbert(not always) Nougot hydrolized vegtable protein
tagatose / Naturose Recaldent PROSPEC MI (At dentist)

Other odd things with milk in them:

Drugs (not always)
Grout for your tub ect. (not always)
House hold paint (not always)
School or craft glue (not always)
Cosmetics(not always)
Pet food (not always) cat, dog even bird food can contain milk protein

Avoiding Milk Protein