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Arby'sArby's Menu Items and ingredients
Backyard BurgersAllergens by Ingredient and Nutritional Information
BJ BrewhouseFood and Allergen Sensitivities Menu and Gluten-Free Selections
Blimpie America's Sub ShopProduct Allergen Information
BojanglesFamous Chicken and Biscuits. Nutrition, Allergen and Sensitivites Information
burger KingAllergen Information
ChilisAllergen information pdf.
Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit CoWe source ingredients that are free of all of the 8 major food allergens: egg, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat, and use all efforts to ensure these allergens do not cross contaminate into our products.
ChipotleAllergen's & Special Diet
">Chuck E. CheeseChuck E. Cheese's allergen information United States
CulversCulver's Allergen Grid
The Counter Custom Built BurgersAllergen information
Denny's(pdf) Allergen's & Sulfites
GarbanzoGarbanzo Fresh Mediterranean Allergen Information
Fatz CafeAllergen information
Fazoli'sFazoli’s List of Ingredient Statements
Firehouse SubsAllergen and Nutrition Menu
Hardee'sNutrition Downloads: nutrition, allergens, ingredients
IhopAllergen information
Jack in the BoxAllergens Reference Guide
Jason's DeliGluten Sensative PDF and Special Diet Wizard
The KegThe Keg Steakhouse gluten free menu and allergy guide
Kentucky Fried ChickenSpecial Diets Wizard
Long John SilversNutrition information, Ingredients list
Mc DonaldsIngredients and nutrition info PDFs
Moe's Southwestern GrillAllergen Guide
NoodlesNutrition & Allergen Guide, gluten-free menu
On the BoarderMenu options for different alleries
Qdoba Mexican GrillAllergen information (US)
QuiznosInteractive Allergy Menu and Allergy Information Down load from menu page
Red LobsterAllergy information
Rubio'sRubio's Allergen Chart
SizzlerSizzler Allergen and Nutritional Information
Sonnys BBQAllergen Information
Steak n ShakeIngrediant and Allergen information
SubwayU.S Allergy and Sensitivity Information
Surf City SqueezeAllergen Statement
Taco BellAllergen Information
Taco John'sAllergen Chart
Wendy'sNutrition and allergy information
What A BurgerNutrition and Allergy information
Wing StopAllergen Information
Yogen Fruznutrition Information, also has dairy free list
Zaxby'sNutrition and allergy info
Z pizzaluten free and dairy free pizzas

USA Single Restaurants and Small Chain Restaurants Canada Lisiting

Aubon PainAllergen and Nutritional Information
Big Daddy's NYCGluten-Free Menu Items Many of your Big Daddy’s favorites are available Gluten-free
Cafe IndigoVegan Bakery, Concord NH
Merge BuffaloWe offer healthy food and aim to accommodate those with traditional tastes, as well as vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free diets, and raw food diet. We craft all of our dishes, pastas, bread, and desserts from scratch using the best ingredients we can source.
Paradise YogurtParadise Yogurt was the first to introduce frozen soy/vegan gluten-free soft-serve, dietary soft-serves, creamy tart yogurt and other more healthy but great tasting products to the San Diego area.
Pandolfi's DeliAllergen Free Menus Kansas City, MO
Promise PizzaWe serve gluten-free crusts and Daiya, a 100% plant based cheese available for those with a preference for either a Gluten-Free or Vegan diet. Round Rock and Austin TX.
Veggie GrillWe strive to be empathetic to all our guests dietary considerations. Please see the following menu guides for gluten-free, soy-free and other options
Waldo PizzaGluten and Vegan menu with vegan cheeses two locations
Missouri Kansas City and Lee's Summit
Whole In The WallVegan and gluten free menu items, Albany New York
Yogo FactoryGluten free and dairy free options, New Jersey area locations