Alternative Dairy Products (yogurt, cheese)

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Yogurt Alternatives

Amande YogurtAlmond yogurt made same equipment as milk and soy
Alpro SoyaDairy Free milk, yogurt and desert Alternatives (UK)
Chao "cheese" slicesChao Cheese is a continuation of our fascination with combining traditional Asian and European foods to create new culinary fusions. “Real, not fake” is our credo. Instead of relying upon traditional dairy cheese flavors (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack) we have innovated new flavors that celebrate the brilliance of the plant based kingdom. (accessed November 2014)
COYOcoconut milk yoghurt and coconut milk ice cream alternatives, dairy, gluten and soy free (accessed June 2013)
Nancy's YogurtNancy's Cultured Soy A tasty non-dairy treat made with organic ingredients (accessed November 2014)
ProvamelDairy free yogurt (UK)
Ricera FoodsRice yogurt Casein Free, Soy Free, Wheat and Gluten Free Non-Dairy and Vegan
So DeliciousDairy free coconut yogurt
Wot No DairyDairy Free Yogurts (accessed Sept 2014)
YosoDairy-free and gluten-free, yougurts and spreads made by a family in Cambridge, Canada (accessed September 2013)

Cheese Alternatives

Daiya Foodsdairy free shredded cheese and wedes also free of most allergens
Heidi Ho OrganicsWe are plant-based vegan food company headquartered in Portland, Oregon We produce a range of plant-based vegan cheezes that are made from all natural, organic ingredients without any additives, fillers or preservatives, also soy free and gluten free.
Leahey Foods"Our Products are certified vegan" soups mac and "cheese", gravy and entrees
LisanattiVegan Cheeses
MozzarisellaMozzarisella is a tasty aliment based on germinated whole rice made without milk and lactose (accessed July 2014)
Nutty CowDairy free, gluten free "cheese" spreed.
Parma Vegan ParmesanVegan, gluten free, wheat free * Contains Walnuts
Road's End Organics All of the products are made in a facility that is completely free of dairy. They do not use it in any of our items nor do we copackage any products containing any dairy ingredients. They make Mac and Creese, Gravy Mix, Nacho Chreese and more
So Nice Soy World Makers of Soy based products are listed as dairy free, but are made in facilities that make dairy products. They are tested traces of milk protein after each production run.
Sunergia Soy FoodsSoy Feta and tufu products
TeeseTeese Vegan Cheese from Chicago Soy Dairy made on dedicated vegan equipment
Vegan GourmetCheese and Dairy Alternatives

ALWAYS READ PACKAGING, call manufacturer if you have questions