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Allergy Articles

Having your story or a recipe on another site is a great way to gain visitors and awareness of your site. An article about how your products came about, gives people visiting my site an awareness of what your site is about. After each article will be a link back to your site. Individuals can also post their stories who are not connected to their own web site. All articles must provide an original view point and be focused on allergies.

Samples of articles I'm looking for: (have another idea do tell me)    blue_for_milk@sympatico.ca

Dairy Free Recipes

Allergy Free Tips
Dairy Free Living
Book reviews
Story how you were diagnosed
Tips living with allergies
New product available on your website
How you avoid allergies
Doing a survay on allergies
Experiences with (soymilk maker, wheat free flour, gluten free beer ect.)
An allergic reaction in our family
A school report on the effects of allergies.

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