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Plainville FarmsYes, our turkey is gluten free and casein free. However, our turkey gravy and our homestyle dressing contain wheat. Our marinated teriyaki turkey tenderloins contain soy. Please read the ingredients labels. (accessed November 2014)
Grass Fed TraditionsTropical Traditions pastured poultry are fed Cocofeed which contains no soy. (accessed November 2014)
Mary's TurkeysGluten free information on website (accessed November 2014)
Foster FarmskFoster Farms poultry feed does not contain any wheat gluten, corn gluten, or concentrated rice. (accessed November 2014)
Shelton's TurkeyShelton's Products That Are Gluten Free and Casein Free (accessed November 2014)
Jennie - O Turkey StoreGluten free list on website (accessed November 2014)
Celerbration RoastVegan Field Roast, Hazelnut Cranberry Roast (accessed December 2014)
Butterball USAAllergy and gluten information listed on FAQ Page (accessed December 2014)
Butterball CANADAI got the following E-mail from Butterball:

Hello Karen!

Thank you for contacting the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line via the Internet!

RE: Butterball USA:

Since the ingredient you are asking about is one of the "Big 8" allergens (wheat, eggs, soy, milk, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts), the USDA requires that this ingredient must be listed in the ingredient statement on the package when it is in the food. No "Big 8" allergens are used in the flavoring ingredients of Butterball turkeys.

When there are dietary concerns, we advise purchasing Butterball Fresh Turkey and Butterball Fresh Breast of Turkey, which are all-natural and contain no added ingredients. The breast meat of Butterball Frozen Turkeys, including Butterball Frozen Stuffed Turkey, and Butterball Frozen Breast of Turkey is deep basted with a patented recipe of ingredients to enhance the natural flavor of the breast meat and yield a more uniformly juicy and tender turkey after cooking. Individual ingredients in the basting recipe (water, salt, modified food starch - corn or potato source, sodium phosphate and natural flavors) are specified on the labels. We cannot say what the natural flavors are since that is proprietary information. However, we can tell you that no "Big 8" allergens are included and that the recipe does not contain butter.

NOTE: For additional information please call 1-800-BUTTERBALL and select "Customer Service" (option #4). Representatives are available Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm. Link to Butterball (USA) allergy info

RE:Butterball Canada:

Fresh Butterball turkeys marketed by P&H Foods in Canada contain milk and soy ingredients. Frozen Butterball Turkeys, excluding Butterball pre-stuffed frozen turkeys (stuffing ingredients contain milk, soy and wheat ingredients) are allergen free. Allergens are listed on the packaging as per Canadian labeling regulations. Immediately following the list of ingredients there is and "ALLERGEN ALERT" if the product contains wheat, soy or milk ingredients.

Don't hesitate to contact us again for additional information or advice. If you would like to speak with one of our Butterball Turkey Talk-Line experts, call the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line at 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372). When calling, be sure to request "The Best of All is Butterball," a new brochure featuring mouth-watering recipes, product information and grilling and cooking tips for your holiday turkey.

Enjoy the best of all from Butterball and have a great Thanksgiving!

Turkey Manufactures

www.butterball.ca (Canada)
www.butterball.com (USA)
Turkey Valley Farms
Farbest Foods
Jaindl Turkey Farm
Vegan Turkey Alternatives TOFURKY (VEGAN)
Zarkeys FARMS

Allergy Information Gravy

Club House Gluten Free Gravey mix Same great flavour of Club House. Gravy Mix for Turkey just without the gluten. (accessed December 2014)
Leahey FoodsGluten free gravy
Maxwell's KitchenWe're sure you will enjoy the taste of our 100% Wheat/Gluten Free foods. We’re currently offering a selection of 4 gravy’s, Brown (Beef), Chicken, Turkey and Pork. (accessed April 2015)
Purest Gravy ThickenerCreates flavourful smooth gravy, never clumps or has a gummy texture. Perfect for all roast drippings: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb and Wild Game. So easy and amazing you will find it hard to believe it is gluten free, dairy free, corn free, wheat free, gum free, soy free, sugar free & whey free. (accessed November 2014)
Road's Ends OrganicsUSDA Organic and Gluten Free Mixes!! Convenient and quick to prepare, Road's End Organics Gravy Mixes are absolutely delicious. You won't believe that these savory sauces are cholesterol free, fat free, and vegan, but they are! (accessed December 2014)
MayacamasUSDA Organic and Gluten Free Mixes!! Convenient and quick to prepare, Road's End Organics Gravy Mixes are absolutely delicious. You won't believe that these savory sauces are cholesterol free, fat free, and vegan, but they are! All contain whey. (accessed December 2014)

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Gluten and Milk Free Stuffing Recipes

Dairy Free Breads

Gluen Free Food List

Rudi's Gluten Free StuffingGluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy Free Stuffing (accessed December 2014)
Elpetro Stuffing Gluten, wheat, milk and soya free
Mrs ScrubbisonsGluten Information on FAQ page
Aleia's Gluten Free Plain Stuffing
Aleia's Gluten Free Savory Stuffing Mix
Handcrafted and packaged in the USA in a dedicated gluten free bakery that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk ingredients and lots of smiles! (accessed December 2014)

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Strange Foods That Contain Nuts

Alcohol Products That Contains Nuts
Amy's Apple PieSoy and Nut Free. Contains milk and wheat (accessed December 2014)
Fabes NaturalGluten free, vegan & non-vegan pies. (accessed April 2015)
Organic Pumpkin Pie MixFrom Farmer's Market Food see FAQ page for gluten and allergy information (accessed December 2014)
Organic WorksSeasonal Pies Welcome to Organic Works - Gluten, Vegan, Lactose, Soy, Dairy, Nut and Peanut Free Food (accessed November 2014)
Purest Pie PastryCorn Free, Dairy free, Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher/Pareve, Nut Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Wheat Free, Whey Free. (accessed November 2014)
ED Smith
Pie Fillings
have allergy information regarding major allergens including milk, click on each pie filling for allergy information. From web site: "All our products manufactured by ED SMITH are free of peanuts shellfish and tree nuts
Elpetro Pies gluten free pies, and pie crust (accessed December 2014)
Kinnikinnick Pie CrustAllergy Alert: Kinnikinnick Products are produced in dedicated Gluten/Wheat/Nut/Dairy free facilities that use Soy and Eggs. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THOSE WITH NUT ALLERGIES. Our facilities have been peanut free and tree nut free since June 15, 2009. They have been Sesame free since July of 2013. Breads & buns in preprinted bags may still have allergen warnings even though this is not the case.. As we reprint packaging, these warnings will be removed. (accessed December 2014)
Wholly WholesomeOur frozen pie shell is not only gluten free, but also kosher, all natural, vegan and wheat, dairy, egg, soy, nut, corn and casein free! (accessed December 2014)

Allergy Information Bread Crumbs

Dairy Free Ice Creams and Sorberts

Sha Sha Bread Crumbs Dairy free bread crumbs

Allergy Safe Candy Canes

Allergy Safe Candy

Dairy Free Chocolate
Allan Candy Cane CollectionGLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS: Our Candy canes and DUM DUM Pops are gluten free. Peanut free, see Allergy Information (accessed November 2013)

Spangler CandyAllergy information for Spangler Candy including candy canes (accessed December 2014)
Tru Joy Sweets Candy CanesWe are proud to announce that our candy cane facility is now peanut free! Our organic candy canes are produced on dedicated nut-free and gluten-free equipment in a segregated area of a facility that also processes dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, and wheat. (accessed November 2013)
Several Brands of Candy Canes are peanut free but NOT tree nut free