Avoiding Milk Protein   

Celiac disease is an abnormal immune responce againced gluten
dammaging the small intestine. These people must avoid gluten.
Some also find relief avoiding Dairy. Gluten is what "glues" wheat together.

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  • Elmers glue's web list of products containing gluten

  • Commercial PlayDoh contains wheat.

  • Many envelopes and stamps contain gluten.

  • An allergy to wheat is an allergic reaction that
    can cause gastrointesinal reactions or even anaphylaxis,
    though anaphylaxis with wheat is uncommon.

  • Wheat can be hidden in toothpaste

  • Wheat is often in soy sause and most rice milks.

  • Gluten can be in many cosmetic products

  • Gluten can be in presription drugs.

    The following may or does contain wheat. This list may not be compleate.

    All-purpose flourBleached flourBulgur (cracked wheat)
    BranStarch or starch mixtures (some)
    CouscousDurum wheatEnriched flour
    GlutenGraham flourHard durum flour
    High gluten flourHigh protein flourHydrolyzed vegetable protein
    KamutMaltMiller's bran
    Modified food starchModified starchMSG (monosodium glutamate)
    Protein (some)Semolina, SpeltStarch
    Unbleached flourVegetable gumVegetable starch
    Vital glutenVulgare germWheat bran
    Wheat flourWheat germWheat gluten
    Wheat starchWhite flourWhole wheat

    Helpful Websites

    www.celiactravel.com  If you have Celiac (coeliac) disease or need
    gluten free food for any reason, use CeliacTravel.com to get essential facts,
    tips and tales to help maintain your special diet anywhere in the world

    Clan Thompson Celiac Site  (Canadian) Providing News and
    information for the Celiac community. Downloadable Demo, of Glutin
    status of thousands of products in both Canadian and American markets.
    International Celiac Groups

    www.celiac.ca (Canada) -provide tax relief
    www.celiac.org (USA)
    www.coeliac.org.au  (Australia)
    www.coeliac.co.uk (United Kingdom) 
    Coeliac Society of Ireland (Ireland) -provide tax relief
    Coeliac Society of Hungry (Hungry)
    The Finnish Coeliac Society (Finland)
    Coeliac Society of New Zealand (New Zealand)

  • Please see your phsician about anything that concerns you.

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    An elderly man with diabetes and celiac goes hungry at hospital. Hospital did not know what to feed him more

    CeRPTA Develops New Gluten-free Bread Of A Much Higher Quality Than Products Currently Available For Coeliacs (Jan 2007)

    "Researchers at the Food Technology Plant Special Research Centre (CeRPTA) have for the first time developed a completely gluten-free bread that is of a much higher quality than products currently available for coeliacs. The product was 100% successful in the tests carried out. The resulting product has an increased nutritional value, a longer useful life and a similar texture to traditional bread"


    Conception Abby Sisters' discovery answers a host of prayers. Alterbread safe for consuption by Celiacs. http://www.conceptionabbey.org/TowerTopics/TTSummer04/sisters.htm