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Local support groups in Canada

Calgary Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (Calgary, Alberta)
Hamilton Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (Hamilton, Ontario)
London Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (London,Ontario)
Halifax Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)
Edmonton Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (Edmonton, Alberta)
Charlottetown Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (Charlottetown, PEI)
Manitoba Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (Winnipeg, Manatoba)
Ottawa Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (Ottawa, Ontario)
Toronto Chapter Canadian Celiac Association (Toronto, Ontario)

* E mail to enclude your group, more groups that don't have websites,
E-mail closest group to you, to find a group nearest to you, this list is growing.

Local support groups in United States

American Celiac Society (New Orleans)
North Idaho Living gluten Free
Celiac Support Group of Indianapolis
Connecticut Celiac Support Site
Celiac Support of Greater Phoenix
Gluten Free louisville (Kentucky)
East Florida Celiac Group (Florida)
Wheaton Gluten Free Support Group (Ilinois)
Houston Celiac Support Group (Texas)
Rochester Celiac Support Group (New York)
Celiac Support Group (Washington Area)
Bay Area Celiacs (San Francisco)

Local support groups in Austrailia

The Coeliac Society of Western Austrailia Inc.
Coeliac Society of Victoria Website
Coeliac Society of Queensland
The Coeliac Society of NSW Inc
The Coeliac Society of Tasmania Inc.
The Coeliac Society of South Austrailia Inc.

International Celiac Groups

www.celiac.ca (Canada) -provide tax relief
www.celiac.org (USA)
www.coeliac.org.au  (Australia)
www.coeliac.co.uk (United Kingdom) 
Coeliac Society of Ireland (Ireland) -provide tax relief
Coeliac Society of Hungry (Hungry)
The Finnish Coeliac Society (Finland)
Coeliac Society of New Zealand (New Zealand)

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