Non Food Items That Have Coconuts in Them

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Shoes and Insoles That Contain Coconuts

Terrycloth & coconut fibre insole (black)
"Black insole of cotton terrycloth and airy coconut fiber. Especially hygienic because it is machine-washable at 30°. Please lay out flat to dry. Also ideal as a barefoot insole."

Supporting Insoles
"These insoles, made of natural coconut fibres from Sri Lanka, natural rubber and organic cotton, provide a firm stance. The insole offers arch support and stabilizes the heel. The coconut fibres are light and durable."

E-coco Insoles
"The insoles made of E-cocco coconut fibre are completely natural and have the following characteristics: resistance to decay due to antimicrobial properties, lightness, breathability and thermal insulation from both hot and cold temperatures. These soles can be combined with cork and natural textile linings, making them suitable candidates for an Ecolabel"

Flip Flops
Paper Flip Flops "These Flip Flops are made of recycled and up-cycled newspapers. It takes approximately 1kg of old newspapers to produce a pair of PaperFlops Flip Flops. Other materials for the PaperFlop Flip Flops include root from old palm trees, coconut shells, and 100% natural rubber. The PaperFlop Flip Flops are quite durable and water proof since they are protected with a natural rubber sealant.

Flip Flops
"Abundant and accessible. In many coconut growing countries, coconut fibre is considered a waste product. For example, in Sri Lanka, approximately 75% of their coconut fibre is considered waste. Instead of waste, we’ve made shoes."

Pu Zu
"Given that you spend much of it on your feet, we came up with the coir ‘foot-mattress’. It is filled with swirly coconut fibers that are linked by highly elasticized natural latex. Not only this impeccable piece of engineering is entirely natural, but it’s also highly breathable to keep your feet dry, and provides great insulation for both hot and cold climates."

Shoes and Boots
Several Shoes and Boots "Removable anatomical self-forming insole made with emery polished leather that absorbs perspiration, over a pad of natural coconut fiber that helps thermal insulation and favors condensation of humidity."

"This is the best material we have found so far to create the stylish look that Earthy Soles shoes possess whilst avoiding the use of leather and a material that was recyclable. Coconut Shell Buttons: ONLY coconut buttons are used for our shoes and not plastic and wood. Coconut shell buttons are made from unwanted coconut shells after the use of the coconut meat."

ECO Shoes for Woman
"These shoes have soles made from recycled materials and coconut shell buttons. With frayed edges, these shoes are perfect for everyday wear. Available in three different colors.

Clothing and Accessories Made From Coconuts

Alpaca Rib Knit Scarf
"One thing to note... these scarves are knit to maximize warmth, using a wide, open knit. As they are made with secondary fiber they are not the softest alpaca fleece. Each scarf is treated with a natural coconut oil to assist with processing and that adds to a 'prickle' factor."

Coconut Shell Piercing
"Coconut Shell Body Jewelry"

Hand Made Coconut Shell Jewelry
"We are proud to offer hand made coconut jewelry with sterling silver inlay. Wide selection of coconut carving goods and rosewood products. All coconut shell jewelry pieces are handmade from beginning to end with sterling silver inlay. All coconut shell jewelry and rosewood items has very fine finish.

Insular Jacket
Insular Jacket
"Fully seam-sealed and waterproof, this alpine jacket is insulated with a recycled polyester/COCONA blend that's derived from coconut husks. This eco-friendly fabric technology combines activated carbon with recycled polyester to provide superior insulation that resists moisture, controls odors and provides a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than other synthetic insulations."

Piggy Pajamas
"Each pair of Piggy Pajamas are made with care and attention to detail (down to the buttons made of coconut shell!). Sized for a roomy cut, your comfort is our first priority. Our pajamas breathe, stretch, and move with you, so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep or some relaxing lounging without any bunching, grabbing, or binding!"

Shirt With Coconut Buttons
Aloha Shirt
"Traditionally, Aloha shirt buttons were made with shell, wood or coconut shell. We chose the most environmentally friendly and sustainable, coconut shell for our shirts. In addition to being ‘Aloha’ tropical in look and feel, coconut buttons are extremely durable and of course a lot of buttons can be produced from just a single, annually harvestable coconut."

Coconut Buttons
Coconut Buttons
"Light, strong, and rustic. Chun Fai produces coconut buttons that are naturally charming and beautiful. Coconut Buttons can be laser cut or engrave to add more uniqueness to your design."

66 North
"Recently, 66°NORTH started selling clothes made from a fabric named CoconaTM. The fabric is made from the activated carbon of recycled coconut shells. The carbon from the coconut shell is woven into the fibre which increases the performance of the fabric. CoconaTM is environmentally friendly and the coconut carbon replenishes itself when washed. The fabric was given the prestigious Invention of the Year Award in 2005 by Time Magazine."

Coconut Bra
Coconut Bra
"The Coconut Bra is made of real coconut shells with braided raffia strings to tie around the neck and the back."

Multiple Food
Allergy Blogs

Nut Allergy Blogs

Chemurgy and
Allergens Blog

Comfort Hats
"How in the world does coconut get into a hat? Cocona® technology utilizes recycled coconut shells (not the husks!) that would have gone to landfills. Suppliers convert the coconut shells intoactivated carbon, primarily for the air and water filtration industries."

Coin Purse made From Coconut Shell
"Coin Purse made of Coconut Shell small in Size, brown in color with flower in front as design round shape"

Coconut Rings
"Light weight yet strong, every coconut ring is cut from the center of one individual palm nut. Every ring has unique color patterns which are the natural color tones of the coconuts shell. Please remember, the coconut rings are made from coconut shell and can resist some pressure, but when mistreated may also crack. "

"Our coconut shell jewelry is hand-made in the Dominican Republic.They are made from coconut shells and other wood products. It is amazing what Dominican artisans can do with a simple coconut shell. Free gift pouch included."

Coconut Fiber Bracelets
"Made from the coconut fiber, this unique bracelet can be worn as a bracelet itself, or an anklet or a chocker. Very resistant, this bio-jewelry is unissex."

Novica Womens Belts
"Coconut Shell"

COconut Shell Belt Coco Choco
"These Coconut Shells HAVE A NATURAL POLISH and SATIN SHEEN to them- they are VERY SiLKY & SMOOTH"

Coconut Shell Belt
"This belt is yet another beautiful and useful product of Thai's great craftsmanship. It is made of several coconut shells, each of them carved in a donut shape."

"Bali Beaded Stretch Belts: Made from coconuts or beads, one size stretch."

Coconut Socks
Motorcycle Socks
"These 'new and improved' Generation 3 knee-high motorcycle socks—utilizing "advanced natural technology"—offer optimum comfort, odor control, durability, anti-microbial, moisture management and eco-friendliness!

Activated coconut carbon—infused in yarns made from natural coconut fibers—provides remarkable evaporative characteristics and odor management.

Cycle Wear
"Cycling Clothing Made from Trash Sounds crazy, but at Atayne, that's what we do. We take materials that are destined for a landfill (plastic bottles, old clothing, fabric scraps, coconut shells, and crab shells) and work with our partners to turn them into high quality and high performing cycling clothing and jerseys."

"Cocona, Inc. has developed a technology that incorporates natural ingredients into polymers. By using activated carbon made from coconut shells, Cocona® fabric utilizes natural technology™ that outperforms other fabrics and yarns. Cocona® fibers and yarns can be used in a wide range of knit and woven fabrics as well as non-wovens that provide effective evaporative cooling, odor adsorption and UV protection."

Animal Products That Have Coconuts in them

Hoof Oil
" Hoof-Alive was developed from the concept that the HOOF is ALIVE, not dead. Consequently, we use only the highest quality ingredients available: LANOLIN, GLYCERIN, COCONUT OIL, SAFFLOWER OIL, ALMOND OIL, AVOCADO OIL, WHEAT GERM OIL, ALOE, LECITHIN, VITAMIN E."

Coconut Shell Birdhouse
Coconut Shell Bird House or Nest for Finches
"Real coconut husk bird nest. Primarily for finches and other small birds as a nesting house, but also great as a treat dispenser for larger birds"

Coconut Shell Birdhouse
Coconut Shell Birdhouse
"Agung Prihatinanto, working with CD Bethesda in Yogyakarta, creates this ingeniously-designed birdhouse using coconut shells that would otherwise be thrown away. Featuring a thatched roof made from coconut fibre and a coconut wood perch."

Wind Chime Bird House
Windchime Bird House
"Fair Trade Coconut And Bamboo Wind Chimes with Straw Bird House. Hand made."

Bird House
Monkey Coconut House
"Whimsical folk art birdhouses are hand carved from a coconut, with a natural braided cord for hanging."

Bird Feeder
Suet Filled Coconut Shell
"Natural suet filled coconut shells (approximately 11cm / 4.25" in diameter) contains Hi energy suet mixed with seeds. They can be hung from a tree, post or bird table to supply birds with a natural looking hi energy suet treat."

Bird Feeder
Coco Fat Feeder
"The Chapelwood Decorative Half Coconut Shell is packed with lovely stuff that birds go mad for."

Bird Feeder
Coconut Bird Feeder
"Half coconut filled with suet and seeds, perfect for attracting long tailed tits, great tits, blue tits, starlings and many more wild bird species. Comes with twine for hanging."

Horse Shampoo
pH-balanced Organic Chamomile Horse Shampoo by Equine Organix
"Ingredients: chamomile, virgin olive oil, honey, almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil"

Dog Collar
Ahh Coconuts
"Your pet will go "nuts" for this eco-friendly and stylish Collar Companion made from a coconut."

Coconut Bark
Coconut Chips
T-Rex Coconut Bark Chips are Made from 100% Coconut shells. Perfect for humid and arid environments. Coconut Bark Chips Absorbs better than other bedding.

Ideal for Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Iguanas, Tortoises, snakes, and most kinds of lizards."

Pet Background
Lucky Reptile Coco Background
"The Lucky Reptile Coco Background can be used as either a background or flooring for plants. The backgrounds are completely natural, made from coco fibres which come from coconut shells."

Kitty Litter
Kittys Crunble
"Kitty's Crumble cat litter is a premium organic coir and all natural kitty litter with unbeatable odour elimination - that works naturally! It is an innovative cat litter made 100% from coir (coconut husk), an organic / natural, renewable resource. Kitty's Crumble kitty litter contains no chemicals, pesticides, silica dust, fragrances or other additives that could be unhealthy for your cat or unfriendly to the environment."

Parrot Toy
Parrot Toy
"Tropical Teasers feature 100% natural dehydrated and sterilized coconut fiber, colorful hardwood shapes, plastic beads, coconut shell fragments and bells."

Cat Toy
Cat Tires
"Our new line of Earth-friendly toys are all-natureal, hand-woven and fair trade produced. Durably crafted from natural palm leaves and coco coir (a very tough fiber made from coconut husks), these toys are safe and fun for cats."

Tableware Products That Have Coconuts in them

Coconut Fork
Coconut Fork (and other cutlery)
"Coconut shell fork display the blend of creativity and ingenuity and renders an exotic touch to your dining table. The handle of this eco-friendly cutlery piece is made with coconut wood and the prongs are made of coconut shell."

Coconut Mug
Coconut Mug
"This coconut mug is made of two coconut halves, the bottom one face down, and the top one face up to create the cup."

Coconut Cups
Coconut King
"Bring the tropics to your store, restaurant, business, or special event. Real coconut shells make the perfect natural cups to serve ice cream, sorbet, dips, shrimp or fruit cocktail."

Coconut Cups
"Real Coconut Cups and Plastic Coconut Cups
"We feature Coconut Party Cups made of real coconut shells and plastic coconut shapes. The coconut cups made of real shells are available in 2 styles"

Coconut Shell Products
"Unique coconut shell products hand made in Colombia. Including salt shaker, salsa dipper recipient including spoon, kitchen utensils as Spoons Set, ladle, fork. Everything is made by hand using coconut shell and macana wood. Technique carved wood. They are gorgeous, originals, fashionable, used to serve your table and decorate your kitchen."

Ice cream Bowl
Icecream Bowl
"Home of the coconut shell ice cream cup"

Bamboo Coconut Bowls
"Marrying contemporary colors and shapes with traditional craftsmanship with natural and renewable resources, bambu presents a collection of unsurpassed quality and modernity of bowls made from bamboo strips and coconut shells."

Lacquered Coconut Shell Bowl
"Food-safe serving bowl made from reclaimed coconut shells harvested in Vietnam."

Bambu Recycled Coconut Bowl
"Made from half a reclaimed coconut shell. The coconut flesh is removed and the bowls are then cleaned and polished. The inside is finished with a food-safe natural lacquer, creating a beautiful, durable waterproof finish accented in a modern and fresh colour."

"Marrying contemporary colors and shapes with traditional craftsmanship with natural and renewable resources, bambu presents a collection of unsurpassed quality and modernity of bowls made from bamboo strips and coconut shells."

Personal and Adult Items That Contain Coconut  Prescriptions and Over the Counter Medications Containing Coconuts

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