Non Food Items That Have Corn in Them


Tea Bags Made From Corn

Tea Bags
Our Tea Bags
The tag, complete with brewing instructions printed with soy ink, is also fashioned from all-natural bamboo and recycled paper. The mesh tea bag fabric of the Eco-Friendly Full-Leaf Round Tea Bags is a byproduct of corn and sewn with bamboo string. Both are an all-natural, renewable resource.

Tea Bags
Chai Tea
Famous Organic Rainbow Chai in 100% Biodegradable cornstarch teabags.

Tea Bag
We Are Tea Composting Your Cuppa (article)
And for those of us still partial to the tea bag, We Are Tea offers biodegradable cornstarch teabags. These are completely biodegradable and safe to throw on the compost – or in your food waste bin ready for kerbside collection!

Tea Bags
Non Woven Network
"Innovative new developments in tea bag media, which starts increased porosity to provide very fast infusion. Translucent filter media allows for visibility of the tea and other flavored components. As the media heats the porosity slowly decreases, closing the pores to retain eventual tea remnants. The fabric used is made from Green-Fibers corn derivative PLA fiber and is 100% biodegradable after use."

Home Improvement Products Made From Corn

Eco - recycled glass, porcelain, mirror, crystallized ash and stone scraps in corn based resin

ECO Countertops
ECO Countertops by Cosentino create an attractive, durable solid surface from 75% recycled content. The countertops are composed of post-industrial or post-consumer materials joined by an eco-friendly resin partly derived from corn oil.

Corn Carpet
"Carpeting made from corn uses a revolutionary new fiber based on a breakthrough technology that allows man-made fibers to be derived from corn a 100% annually renewable resource."

Organic Carpet
"This unique, eco-friendly fiber is manufactured from corn and offers excellent stain resistance, comfort and durability".

Innovations and Advances in Solar Thermal Systems
•Glycol made from renewable resources has been in development. Bio-glycol, usually made from corn, is a high-quality product with superior heat transfer capability, potentially better price stability, and a high temperature tolerance. Dynalene, for example, has a high temperature rating of 350°F. Bio-glycol is also available from DuPont and other manufacturers.

Solar Heating
Corn Glycol
Corn Glycol: A cost effective, environmentally friendly solar thermal transfer solution made from corn.

If you are using propylene glycol in your solar thermal installations, this is a product you should be offering to your customers. Hood Chemical has partnered directly with one of the leading U.S. chemical companies to develop an exclusive solar-formula glycol made from corn that out-performs every propylene glycol product on the market, at about the same cost."

Solar Pannels
Corn Glycol
"Corn glycol has the same chemical properties as propylene glycol – it's non-toxic, food safe, easy to use - but it's derived from corn as opposed to oil. No brand of propylene glycol can deliver this level of performance for use in solar thermal systems."

Screw Driver
NatureAd™ Corn Plastic Zippy Screwdriver Phillips Blade
"Barrel made from 100% US corn plastic"

Paint Brushes and Rollar Handles
Down to Earth
"The paintbrush and roller handles are manufactured from 65% cornstarch, which is quite simply starch derived from corn."

Cladding of corn leaves
"In our search for new materials and ecological, we thought that they actually use leftover materials, parts thrown and no use. Thought to produce cladding interior walls made of corn leaves. The leaves are dried and fastened to straighten them out and let us work with them, the leaves stick to the plaster panels with resin. The resin makes the leaves become infected, harden and be waterproof."

Log Cabin Restoration
Alpie Restoration
"When dryblasting we use many different types of blasting media depending on the age, condition, and type of log home. We use walnut shells, corncob, crushed glass, and occasionally coal slag."

Corn Board
Building Materials
"If all of the availible 580 Billion pouns of corn stover were presse into CornBoard and use to replace the exterior shealthing currently use to build a 2000 square foot house: it woul cover 46,774,193 homes every year."

Medium Duty Water Activated Tape
This product has a paper backing and a gummed, high tack, water- activated, modified cornstarch based adhesive system.

Wet Adhesive Tape
cornstarch-based adhesive coating

Miscellaneous Products Made From Corn

Coconut Masks
Coconut Masks
"These handmade masks are made with the base of a coconut shell, then built up and embellished with clay and strawberry cactus, seapods, or horns of goats, corncobs, and other various plant life that the artist may stumble upon while walking the beaches of Southern Mexico."

The Goodyear GT3 tire is the first tire on the market using a new starch-based filler material called BioTRED, which uses corn as its feedstock."

Poo Poo Paper
"We rinse and boil the poop to a pulp and bolster with about 15% other natural waste fibers that are seasonally available such as banana stock fiber, corn husk etc. and boil the pulp mixture. To color POOPOOPAPER™ we use natural and edible food coloring mixtures. We then make both raw sheets and rolls of paper from which we craft hundreds of different POOPOOPAPER™ products."

Finger paint
Eco paint
Ingredients include flour, annatto seed, carrots, spinach, earth clay, red grapeseed, purple sweet potato, gardenia, red cabbage and cornstarch.

Hotel Supplies
hotel Amenities
"Eco friendly hotel amenities, biodegradable cornstarch comb, pen, toothbrush, razor, bottle"

Plastic Easter Eggs
Eco Eggs

Corn Coasters
Corn Husk Square Coaster
A magnificent square coaster for your table. The banana bark and corn husk design gives beauty to this square coaster. You can create a set, with buying the square napkin ring, napkin ring and the coaster.

Corn Coasters
Hand Woven Straw Corn Husk Cup Coasters
Entirely handmade woven cup coasters from husks of corn by Chinese craftsmen

Corn Coasters
Corn Coaster/ Lid
Doubles as coaster or lid. Ideal for home or office. Made from 100% U.S. corn plastic. Environmentally friendly.

Eco Coaster Set
"Made from biodegradable corn starch. Size: diameter: 98mm"

Furniture Polish
Freeman Seating Company
"These products contain ingredients derived from natural, renewable sources, such as corn-based detergents and hydrogen peroxide."

Golf Tees
Custom Corn plastic Golf Tees
"Any golf lover will appreciate these Custom Imprinted golf tees. They can be added to an executive gift basket or handed out as a promotional giveaway on there own. Made from biodegradable corn plastic, these tees are also environmentally friendly."

Corn Shops That Only Sell Corny Stuff
Corn Products US
Corn Plastic Store

Wedding Confetti
Ecofetti is packaged with a scoop: Bags contain enough for each guest to have 1 rounded Tablespoon for the toss. If using a basket for guests to help themselves, you may want to increase the amount ordered - some enthusiastic guests can take 2 to 3 times that amount... Mix and match colors for a unique look...

Be creative, Vibrant Orange and Bright Pink mixed are perfect for a tropical beach wedding.

The perfect alternative to rice or birdseed for an environmentally friendly bridal send-off. No slipping or staining, and ecofetti flutters easily to the ground. Made from corn starch in the USA.

Spring Water
"BIOTA Spring Water is the World's first bottled water/beverage packaged in a commercially compostable plastic bottle.

Our bottle is manufactured from a 100% renewable resource, corn."

Milk Protein


Sharon Rosen
from Live Corn Free

Is Corn Allergy
A Growing Threat
to Your Child?

From Allergy Kids

Corn Allergy Blogs

Rolling Paper
"Smoking brand Maiz Corn rolling papers are made from natural corn. Lending the smoke a distinct flavor, these rolling papers might just be your new favorites! Burns smooth, but leaves some ash".

Eco Whistle Keychain
"Manufactured from corn; biodegradable"

"The commitment of EarthClean Corporation to sustainability begins at the earliest stages of planning and R&D, and continues through operations, sourcing and deliverables. More than 50 percent of TetraKO next generation firefighting powder concentrate is made from cornstarch, a renewable agricultural ingredient."

Firefighters Test New Firefighting Gel

Bug Spray
Cedar Creek Organic Bug Off oil
"Active ingredients are Citronella Oil (1.2%), Clove Oil (1.2%), Peppermint Oil (.6%), and Rosemary Oil (1.2%). Inert ingredients Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, and Cottonseed Oil. Comes in a 2 ounce bottle, made by Cedar Creek Products / Organics by Cedar Creek."

Shoe Horn
Corn Shoe Horn
"Our Corn Shoe Horn are the first choice for replacing plastic. Fully compostable in a commercial composting environment, these Corn Shoe Horn are a good choice for Shoes Service"

Arhaus Jewels
"Cases and buckles made from a revolutionary corn resin that is 99% biodegradable. Tough and sturdy in everyday wear, it breaks down within a year in a compost environment, and because it's corn, it's a renewable resource. Unlike conventional plastics that use an estimated 200,000 barrels of oil a day in the United States alone, no oil is used in its production.

Zipper Pull
Zipper Pull "In addition, we can offer the promotional PVC zipper pulls in corn plastic. This is a new organic material we have just developed for our customers. We can use the corn plastic to make any of the USA products you see on our website, even corn plastic dog collars.

Skate Boards
Stalk It
"Every Stalk It™ longboard is made using a 100% Cornboard™ core .

CornBoard™ is an Eco-Friendly pressed board made from corn stalk and husks. CornBoard™ is an amazing material that is the soul of what we do. Re-use, Re-Purpose, Re-Imagine, Respect."

Cutting Board
Cornstarch Cutting Boards
"Raw material “Bio-Plastic, PLA (Polylaticacid)” made from botanic materials such as corn has no toxic substances such as environmental hormones (Dioxins, Bisphenol A), or lead and cadmium. Vegetable BABY toy has an Eco- Label stamp (by Korea Eco Product Institute)

Cutting Board
Corn Bio Plastic Corn Chopping Board Set
"First in the world! Cutting board made from Corn-derived ploymers.Comes in set of 4 boards to seperately cut vegetables, fish, meat and cooked food.

Safe to use! Made using natural polymers derived from corn starch; it contains no harmful chemicals. And is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable when disposed. FDA approved!"

Kitty Litter
Worlds Best Kitty Litter
"World's Best Cat Litter™ is made of U.S. grown, whole-kernel corn and, in the Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, whole-kernel and other natural propriety plant materials are used."

Candles Made From Corn

Corn Candles
Corndles Corn Candles
These beautiful, unique corn candles stand 5 1/2 inches high. Amazingly realistic, they are all hand husked with natural corn husks. Base is standard taper size. Available in four natural colors: Yellow, Garnet, Rust and Blue

Linda's Corn Pone Wax chunk Tarts
"These are paraffin wax tarts that are made with corn cobs that i break and put into an aluminum mold. I then fill the mold with kettle corn scented wax. These awesome tarts are 3 inches wide and 1 inch tall not including any corn cobs that may be sticking up out of the tart."

Decrative Indian Corn Candles
"These festive corn cob candles are made entirely by hand, wrapped with real corn husks for added authenticity and hand-colored with natural colors to achieve a traditional look. A very unique Autumn accent for your home, but don't take a bite."

BSBB Candles
"Our beeswax candles are wrapped with 100% PLA (cornstarch) bio-degradable plastic. Because beeswax is a precious natural commodity, we include an extra wick with each of our beeswax candles so you can make your own beeswax candles with any remaining beeswax."

Packing Products Made From Corn

Foam Product
Biodegradable Foam Products
All Green Cell Foam products have the following characteristics:
•Made from high-grade, non-GMO cornstarch
•Naturally anti-static, also performs as a desiccant
•Biodegradable and compostable

Packing Peanuts
Biodegradable Starch Packaging Peanuts
•Coloured corn starch packing peanuts

Packing Foam
Cornstarch Foam Cushioning
Cornstarch foam packaging is an environmentally friendly packaging solution. The foam can be fabricated much like other packaging foams, and is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Virgin cornstarch foam sheets, and some die cut cornstarch product.

Packing Peanuts
Environmentally Responsible Packing Peanuts
"Made from corn starch, a renewable agricultural resource".

Packing Peanuts
StarchTech Packing Peanuts
StarchTech’s sustainable packaging material is a corn starch based loosefill packaging peanut that is biodegradable is water, soil and both home and industrial compost settings. This product has long been accepted by the packaging industry and has stood the test of time to provide a fast, consistent, and economical way to cushion your products for shipping.

Packing Peanuts
Green Depot
"Caremail uses cornstarch and potato starch to make these lightweight packaging peanuts. They are anti-static: they won't stick, cling or create any unwanted mess. They also dissolve in water, so they're easy to dispose of by running water over them in the bathtub or kitchen sink. The waste water is biodegradable and will not harm ground or surface waters."

Bags Made From Corn

Corn Bags
Misoearth Packaging
The paper used is 40% recycled FSC from the Proterra collection. They were printed two up on a tabloid to ensure maximum usage of paper. The tabs at the top were printed all on a single sheet. To hold the pieces together, it was sewn at the top. Die cut of leaf was actually hand cut out of each package. The leaves were used at the MISOEARTH display stand. (Not a single part was wasted!) The vermicast sits in a corn plastic bag. 40 packages were made and sold at Ward Centers.

Coffee Bags
Composter Paper Tin Tie Bags
The liner of the compostable paper tin-tie bags is PLA (corn plastic), which biodegraded in less than a month in our PBi lab compostor.

Food Packaging
Trellis Earth
"Our products use corn and other plant starches"

Bag Dispenser
Bio Dispenser
"Strong, durable and sturdy as any dispenser on the market. Except we're eco-friendly! The Bio Bag Dispenser is made from cornstarch and is 100% biodegradable. Comes with 2 rolls 15 bags each. Bags have handles! Holds standard size bags."

Food Bags
Food Bags
"The bags are 100% compostable and made from a bioplastic that uses corn starch and other renewable materials."

Compost bags
"BIOSAK bags are manufactured using Mater-Bi® resins, the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components, such as corn starch, that have been modified (or complexed) with biodegradable polyesters.

Grocery Bags
Corn Plastic Shopping Bags Large Case
"The new "corn plastic" grocery bags are just as strong as traditional plastic, but once it's thrown away, it will naturally biodegrade. Made from a renewable source, US grown corn, the bioshopper shopping bags are the natural choice over petroleum-based plastic bags".

Cutlery and Utencils Made From Corn

Corn plastic Biodegradable Straws
Our PLA NatureWorks GreenWare Corn Bio Plastic line is made from corn grown by American farmers and transformed into Corn Plastic that looks and feels just like traditional plastic.

Corn Plastic Straws
Made entirely of NatureWorks corn-based PLA plastic.
Odorless and non-allergenic.

Straws Compostable Straws Straws so green, you can compost them.

(click Benifits) Polylactic acid (PLA) or "corn plastic" is made from annually renewable resources, not oil".

7.75 inches Clear Wrapped Compostable Straws
"With the same look and feel as plastic straws, our straws are made from PLA plastic derived from CORN"!

Cocktail Sticks
Corn plastic Cocktail Straws
Biodegradable black cocktail straws. Our corn plastic cocktail stir straws are a great choice that you and your customers will be happy with.

Made from corn, an annually renewable resource, NatureWorks PLA is a plastic-like resin that is fully compostable.