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Michael and I learned of Faith's allergies over seven years ago, and since have been asking the question, "Is it Faith Friendly"? This term has come to mean volumes to our family and our friends. When we ask the "Faith friendly" question it represents Milk & Egg Free products. I can't even begin to describe how little we found that lived up to the term "Faith Friendly".

Take a look in your pantry for a moment, and you will see how MANY products contain milk and eggs. Food allergies of all kinds can be fatal, and we've found over the past three years, that many sites that cater to informing the public. We have designed to help educate and connect people with allergies, to sites that may be of service. Our mission is to physically go out in public and speak to people about food allergies. We raise funds for Allergy Awareness Programs, while teaching our daughter and others that this is a battle worth fighting.

In the life of Faith Lynn Hall

Update January 2007

Faith had another attack it was due to trace amounts of milk or egg from manufacturer processing equipment contamination. Although caused by trace amounts, IT WAS WORSE THAN EVER. Her body always suffers some oxygen loss, that is a part of anaphylaxis, but normally discoloration in her body is minimal. This time her eye sockets turned blue and her mouth was green, she was shivering, and the attack lasted 25 minutes (normally she is blue in 2, and the shot brings her right back to OK). She didn't respond as normal couldn't speak clearly. It was horrible. After the shot, an ambulance ride, and the emergency room and another shot...she began to come around. She is doing better now, but it has been a heck of a week.

Another Update

Unfortunately, we are updating you again on Faithy. SHE IS recovering well, but was taken to the hospital last night, and then released this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippie Faith was exposed to a virus, that in her....caused croup. For most people, developing the infection of croup is just a cough and minor throat inflammation/discomfort. For Faithy, since she is a severe anaphylactic, it was a trigger to throat inflammation causing a major swelling and loss of oxygen. After giving her a breathing treatment, inhaler, and medication at home, she began vomiting white foam. Immediately we giving an Epi pen and on our way to the emergency room.

Once admitted, she was then given three more lung treatments, another shot, and some heavy med's throughout our stay. She is home recovering, coloring, and building with blocks. We are very grateful she woke up, and as always...HARLEY (our dog) was right there with her as she could barely speak long enough to say, "love you, don't Anna die".......As you can imagine, IT WAS A LOOOOOOOOOOOONG NIGHT. Together Faith, Harley, & bunny battled and con quered another hurtle and made it through as a team. (Faith was in a complete sleep when this hit her, and so were we). She is frustrated she got a cold that made her so sick, but she knows things affect her differently than most. As she faces more in life, we keep telling her it only makes her stronger, so she showed me her muscles this morning! You gottas love this kids gusto!

We are thankful for everything, and everyone!

Update February 2007

Faith had another reaction again. We gave her sausage that was labeled no eggs or milk. Unfortunately, after another Epi-shot, we contacted the company to find they had mislabeled the packaging. Faith is what some refer to as a SEVERE MULTIPLE ANAPHYLACTIC. This means she has a reaction and will have another second reaction six hours later without eating anything bad. The Dr's have decided, Faith is a worst case scenario (which we already new), and there is nothing they can do for her food allergies.

She is a lovely, beautiful, kind little girl, and we invite hugs and kisses when you see her. She is battling food anxiety now, so please forgive her if she yells at you to wash your hands or to keep food away (we are working on her delivery with all that).

Update September 2009

Faith has now totaled over 34 Anaphylactic attacks due to ingestion & cross contamination issues. Yes, she is that sensitive! Faith also suffers and anaphylactic reaction to things such as Croup or common colds. It now seems to be the way her body responds to anything challenging her airways. She has also developed asthma, as many anaphylactics do. We carry a completely stocked medical case, pulse oximiter/heart rate monitor, and nebulizer, every where we go. We have exclusive cookware and utensils for all “FAITH ONLY” cooking. Her food sensitivity is off the charts, and her personality is too! Faith is doing GREAT mentally! She loves her life, although it proves to be very challenging. Our family life has completely changed from years past, as Faith now knows her lifestyle is different. She has taken on anxiety, and is winning that battle day by day. Who knew touching a door knob could send someone into a mental breakdown. Yes, door knobs are dangerous (some people don’t wash there hands AFTER they eat). Growing into her own self, she has become very proud of who she is, and how she lives…but the fact that her life is faced with constant coordination can be frustrating for her at 8. As always, thank you for all your ongoing support. The Faith friendly world foundation has been invited to have a booth at the City of Livermore Health and Safety Fair.

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