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Drugs, Over-the-Counter Medications and Treatments Containing Nuts

Drugs, Over-the-Counter Medications and Treatments Containing Eggs

Drugs, Over-the-Counter Medications and Treatments Containing Sesame

Drugs, Over-the-Counter Medications and Treatments Containing Coconuts

Drugs and Over The counter Treatments That Contain Allergens (Chemurgy and Allergens Blog Posts)

Poison Treatments That Contain Nuts Scar Treatments That Contain Nuts Vaccines That Contain Dairy
Eczema Treatments That Contain Coconut Oil Inhalers With milk In Them Rabies Vaccines That Contain Eggs
Vitamin Products That Contain Nuts Nuts in Animal Drugs and Treatments Nasel Supplies That Contain Shellfish
Lice Treatments That Contain Coconut Oil Nuts in Anti Fungus Foot Treatments That Contain Nuts Stretch Mark Products That Contain Sesame Oil
Hormone and Menopause Treatments Containing Nuts Parasitic Treatments That Contain Walnut Oil Stretch Mark Products That Contain Nuts
Throat Spray That Contain Nuts Pain Relief products That Contain Coconuts Pain Relief Products That Contain Nut Oils
Cellulite Treatments That Contain Nut Oils Scalp Treatments That Contain Nut Oils Mother's Placenta Products That Contain Nut Oils
Psoriasis Treatments That Contain Nut Oils Sting Relief Products That Contain Coconut Oils Acute Malnutrition Aids That Contain Peanuts
Varicose Vein Products That Contain Nut Oils Teething Products That Contain Nut Oils Breastfeeding Nipple Creams With Nut Oils
Nasel Products That Contain Sesame Oils Birthing Items That Contain Nuts Chest Rubs With Nut Oils
Nasel Products Containing Nut Oils Eczema Treatments That Contain Nuts Poison Ivy Treatments That Have Nut Oils
Hemmorrhoid Treatments Containing Nuts Cold Sore Treatments That Contain Nuts Wart Treatments Made With Nut Oils
Ear Drops Containing Nuts Cradle Cap Products With Nut Oils Lice Treatments That Contain Nuts
Corn in Medical Supplies Shrimp in First Aid Supplies Respirator Kits That Contain Banana Oil

Nut Allergens in Medications Articles and Blog Posts

Did You Know this Medicine has Peanut Butter in it, Doctor?
Allergy Alert Doterra Deep Blue Rub Contains Almond Oil
Unlicensed imported vitamin D (colecalciferol) capsules: potential peanut oil and soya oil allergens
Beware Peanut Oil is Present in Some Medicines! (NZ)

*Concerns over the cross-reactivity between peanut allergen proteins and soy, have been made, however this is not a concern for everyone.

Alternative Treatments

Carrier oils used in aromatherapy include almond, hazelnut, and peanut oils.

Lactose and Milk Protein in Medications Posts and Articles

Pharmaceutical Grade Lactose
AAAAI: Kids May React to Milk Proteins in DPT Shot
Caution: CVS Pharmacy Providing Incorrect Medication Ingredients
Lactose in Medications
Medications That Contain Lactose
Milk Protein in Allergy Medications
Prednisolone Contains Lactose! Why Do Steroids Contain Dairy?
Milk in Your Inhaler
Milk Protein in Asthma Medications

Physician's Drug Reference in United States (PDR) and Compendium Pharmceudicals and Soccialties (CPS) in Canada

Drugs Containing Allergens This post outlines how these books, can be a tool, to help determine if a drug contains your allergen(s)

More Information Allergens in Medications

Food Allergies and the Pharmacy Blog

Obtaining 'freefrom' Prescription Drugs (UK)

Databases For learning about Drugs

Health Canada Drug Product Database

Physican's Desk Reference

Daily Med

Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacies create personalized medication for each person, without a persons allergens. The doctor has to write a script for a compound pharmacist, this is very different than a regular pharmacist.

Peanut Oil in Penicillin

Peanut oil used to be used in penicillin, using mixture of beeswax and peanut oil called the Romansky Formula. it was removed in the 1950s Penicillin Medical School Breakthrough M. J. Romansky Dies at 95; Modified Penicillin
More History of Allergies

Egg in Some Rabies Vaccines

From WHO World Health Organization WHO Rabies Vaccine Rabies immunoglobulin is used only for post-exposure prophylaxis. Modern vaccines of cell-culture or embryonated-egg origin are safer and more effective than the older vaccines, which were produced in brain tissue.

Egg in Anesthesia

Jenny from Multiple Food Allergy Help reports "Propofol anesthesia has been linked to reactions for people with egg and soy allergies!! If you or your child is having any kind of surgery- BE SURE TO MENTION THIS! Our hospital stashed some of the old formulated propofol to use for patients with egg allergies- but even that will expire and who knows how long their supply will last- But ask- your hospital may also have some for use!" Some on line sources suggest Amidate is an egg free anaesthetic, please talk to your anesthesiologist for up to date information.

Allergens in Vaccines (casein, lactose, egg and yeast)

Type and Contents of Vaccines Currently Approved for Use in Canada
Vaccine and Excipient & Media Summery Part 2 (USA)
Wikipedia Vaccine Ingredients

Claims and Concerns Vaccines and Allergies

Effects of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis or tetanus vaccination on allergies and allergy-related respiratory symptoms among children and adolescents in the United States
Connection between Vaccinations and Peanut Allergies
Articles Connecting (and not Connecting) Vaccinations and Food Allergies