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Firelogs and BBQ Equipment Made From Nuts

Green Initiatives
"All the buildings on the farm are heated with an outdoor wood furnace. This furnace is fueled with peanut shells and wood. The wood system dries the peanuts in the kiln during harvest and also supplies us with hot water."

Hazelnut Fuel
Wally Hog Fuel
Specializing in Crushed Hazelnut Shells (scroll down)
Burns at 8,500 BTU's per pound
-Burns Clean, Little Ash
-Use in Wood Stoves & Fireplaces

Pellet Fireplace Inserts
"These pellets look much similar to rabbit food. These are made of wood by-products such as sawdust, wood shavings, walnuts, peanut shells and other biomass wastes."

Macadamia Nut Shells Fire Starters
"Our useful and unique fire starters will start a conversation as well as light your fire! This new and unusual novelty gift item is a natural and chemical free way to light your fire pit, campfire, or BBQ pit. Our new firestarters are handmade from macadamia nut shells after locally grown macadamia nuts from the Big Island are harvested and processed. We then mix them in with eco friendly soy wax!

Pecan Shells for BBQ
The Pailface - Texas Pecan Nutshells
"Generate the most popular barbeque smoke flavor in America, all from the convenience of a renewable source: pecan nutshells! We spare our nations precious hardwood forests by simply collecting their nut shells."

Pecan Shells for BBQs
Pecan Products (scoll down)
Pecan Wood Grilling and Cooking Disks
Pecan Wood Cooking Disks in bag
Pecan Wood BBQ Smoking Chips for your smoker or grill
Smoking Chips small bag
Smoking Chips large bag

Pecan shells for BBQs
Pecan Shells

"Simply soak the pecan shells in water prior to use. Then put them on top of the coals. Comes packaged in a 5 lb. bag."

Prescriptions and
Over the Counter
Containing Nuts

Fire Logs
Pine Mountain Fire Logs
Fire logs made from nut shells

Fire Logs
Pecan Fire Logs
"Mr Perea is the founder of Perea Farms, a company which offers a firelog made up of recycled pecan by-products and recycled newspapers.

The pecan shell firelogs are 99% recycled material.

The use of pecan shells offers a replenishable by-product source which saves trees."

The Modern Fire Formula (pdf)
Some interesting materials used have included recycled fibres such as nut shells, seeds, fruit pits, distillery grains, and recycled cardboard.

*unclear if Duraflame still uses nutshells

Fire Logs Made From Treenuts
President's Choice Fire Logs

"PC fire logs burns up to four hours made from recycled biomass product such as wood, sawdust, ground tree nut shells and blended wax burns cleaner than wood comes in set of 6"

Fire Logs Made From Tree Nuts
Presidents Choice Fire Logs Made From Nut Shells Fire Logs

Home Fire Prest Logs
Enviroment Advanced
Due to the high amount of sawmill waste in British Columbia, all our logs are produced with wood waste. The bio-extruder can also be used to compact other waste material such as wood byproducts, peanut shells, sunflower seed shells - virtually any bio-mass that contains natural lignin - and transforms it into a useable commodity. This commodity may be formed into either a solid log or briquette for use as home heating or industrial fuel, or as a cooking fuel in countries where burning material is scarce and/or impractical.

Blog Article
Grateful Foodie Tree Nuts in Fireplace Logs

Biofire nutshell briquettes
"Biofire offers briquettes made of compressed walnut shells.

100% natural, made of biodegradable waste."

Tableware, and Kitchenware Products With Nuts in Them

Woodlot Harvest
"There are no synthetic finishes on my bowls. Only food grade walnut oil is rubbed into the wood over several days. Then a light layer of bees wax is applied. This simple traditional finish does not artificially seal the wood. It can breathe with the change of seasons and can take in the oils from the salads thus preserving and seasoning the wood.

Bills Wood Creations
"The bowl is finished with walnut oil which also enhances the color of the wood. Clean the bowl after each use with a mild dish detergent and wipe dry immediately. It can be re-oiled with walnut oil (found in grocery stores) or mineral oil. Do not use vegetable oils as they turn rancid in time."

Wooden Spoon
Wooden Spoon
"Mason Cash also offers high quality wooden utensils. Each item is made from rubber wood and is coated in natural nut oil to seal it for protection. The curved, organic shape of the wooden spoon not only offers a stylised finish but is perfect for the task in hand, with a grooved thumb rest for additional comfort."

Cutting Board
Soundview Mill Works
" When the wood grain is raised each board is finish-sanded by hand. After sanding the wood is coated with 100% natural tung oil, a natural nut oil that hardens in the pores of the wood and provides a durable and stain resistant cutting surface. When the board is dry it is rubbed with two coats of a mineral oil and bees wax combination to create a sealed and smooth finish."

Alcohol that
Contain Nuts

Pitfiring Ceramics
"The organic materials you can use and what I use for pit firing for all my work:
• Seaweed and driftwood
• Dried banana skins
• Dried citrus fruits and skins
• Avocado skins and stones
Pistachio and other nut shells
• Copper wire wound around pots
• Copper carbonate and sulphate
• Salt and anything else you’d like

Rolling Pin
Raviolli Roller
Once completed it is finished with a fully edible finish (in this case a walnut oil base with a carnauba and bee's wax polish). To care for the roller, after use wipe it down, clean it with water as needed and apply a light coat of either mineral oil or walnut oil (my preference).

Rolling Pins
Handmade Maple Rolling Pin
"French style solid maple rolling pin hand crafted from local hardwood. Flat barrel has tapered ends for greater comfort and control. General purpose bread and pastry rolling pin. Finished with several coats of walnut oil (walnut oil will not go rancid like olive and other oils and is not distilled from petroleum like mineral oil). Clean after use with damp cloth."

Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin
This rolling pin is made by laminating several species of hardwoods and cutting it on the bias. The handles turn freely. It is finished with several coats of walnut oil.

Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin
The main part of the rolling pin is Osage Orange from Kansas. There are 2 band saw cuts of 4 woods each and there is an angle band of 8 different woods. It is 18.5 " long and 3.5" diameter. The rolling surface is 10 inches. The finish is walnut oil so it is food safe.

Rolling Pins
Timber Treasures
"Our Timber Treasures rolling pins are truly a treasure! Each is a hand-turned, antique reproduction made from the finest domestic hardwoods available. And, each is finished with a food safe, nut meat oil. While these rolling pins are designed to be a fully functional kitchen utensil, they can, of course, be used for purely decorative purposes as well!"

Wood Products, and Wood Oils With Nuts in Them

Wooden Box
Chocolate Box
"Boxes are then manufactured, with immaculate craftsmaship and attention to detail, with all family members participating in the production. Finishing is done with food-safe walnut oil. The wooden box, a lasting souvenir from the Yukon, can be used for many things long after the chocolates have been eaten."

Vine Twist Stool
"Hand carved Single Twist Stool available in three different natural oil finishes. Tung Oil, Walnut Oil and White Oil"

Walnut Oil For Wood Products
Parker Hale natural Walnut Oil
Parker Hale Walnut Oil in the finest English quality for care and protection of your wooden stock. This high quality natural wood oil enhanced in a natural way the beauty of the wood grain of each timber. Parker Hale Walnut Oil is also extremely efficient. Therefore, only a very thin film of the oil will applied - to further improve and increase the protective effect in several layers. In this way you get the best results and the Walnut Oil reaches for a long time.

The Walnut oil dries fairly quickly and creates a protective hard finish. For more layers, first dry the wood at a warm and dry place.

German Amber Varnish
"Our 16th Century Amber Varnish is made using walnut oil and is not cooked with drying agents. It represents the very cream of the crop as regards amber strength. Applied in thin layers, our 16th C. AV will dry-to-touch in 3-4 days ; or overnight if it's given a short sunbath. When added to oil paint, or when using this varnish to make mediums, no difference will be found in usual drying times."

Wood Oil
Woodenware Oil
"Preserve™ Woodenware Oil is a non-toxic finish for use on everything from butcher blocks and cutting boards, to salad bowls and children’s toys. This unique blend of nut oils penetrates deeply into wood fibers preventing woodenware from absorbing food juices and odors."

Alcohol that
Contain Nuts

Wood Plastic
Pistachio Shells Used To Make Plastic Nanocomposite (article)
Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology used ,pistachio shell to produce a new type of nano composite which has high tensile strength. According to the researchers, the nanocomposite can be used in the building industry, and it is resistant to humidity, loss of color and various types of fungi and insects.

Walnut Wood Oil
Mahoney's Fine Finishes
"Mike is now making his personal woodturning finishes available to the public. The secret to his satin food-safe finishes? Pure walnut oil from California. Mike heat treats the oil to make his Utility Finish; it penetrates deeply into the wood and then hardens, leaving an excellent utility finish that will not evaporate like mineral oil finishes."

Baseball Bat
Akadema Tacktion Maple Wood Baseball bat
The Tacktion Grip incorporates a proprietary mixture of ground sunflower shells, walnut shells and sand affixed to the handle of the bat to provide extra grip. This slurry mixture is painstakenly applied onto the handle of each bat to provide a pretreated grip. No more messy pine tar, no more tape, the Akadema Tacktion Grip is ready for immediate use.

Stain Canoe Paddles
Gunwale Guard Stained (scoll down)
"Gunwale Guard is the best way to protect your wood canoe gunwales and decks. It's a deep penetrating finish that binds to the wood structure and prevents rot, UV deterioration, and retards mildew. Applied periodically, Gunwale Guard will keep your gunwales looking showroom new or better. Gunwale Guard with walnut stain added."

See Also:
"Bell Contoured Web Canoe Seat - 32 inch 32" x 9¾" overall. Can be cut to upgrade your existing seat. Comfortable and attractive contoured canoe seat. Lowers center of gravity for more stability. Made of solid Ash with a Light walnut oil stain. UV-resistant. Black nylon web seat portion for maximum durability."

Canoe Paddles
Angles Stick
"The Anglesey Stick is finished with Tung nut oil, which is water-resistant and provides a good grip even when wet."

Nut Oil
Hawaiian Kuki Nut Oil
"Kukui nut oil can be applied to enhance the grain and polish the wood leaving it with a soft, matt oil finish. It enhances polish and waterproofs wooden bowls. Early Hawaiians especially used Kukui Nut oil for it's waterproofing qualities."

Shoes with Nuts in Them

Shoe Care
Quick Care
For quick or on-the-go shoe care. The Express category includes the convenient Self Shine with sweet-almond oil in a sponge-applicator bottle, the Shoe Sponge and Care & Shine jar.

Shoe Cream
Saphir Shoe Cream
Part of the Beaute du Cuir range from Saphir this nourishing shoe cream is enriched with beeswax and almond oil

Shoe Care
Waterstop Colours
Care and waterproofing cream for smooth leather Care and waterproofing cream for smooth leather and high tech materials. With jojoba and almond oil.

Shoe Care
Selvyt Wax Polish Military Grade
Contains beeswax, almond oil, turpentine wax, lanolin and pigmentation dye.

Shoe Care
Saphir's Medaille D'Or Renovateur Suede Spray cleans, recolors, and waterproofs suede and nubuck. It contains an almond oil that helps maintain the silky appearance of suede, while protecting them against water stains.

Chemurgy And
Allergens Blog

Nut Allergy Blogs

ECO Clear Wading Boot
"That’s why we created ECO-CLEAR™ soles. Their unique construction—crushed walnut shells and a dynamic rubber compound—helps keep unwanted organisms from latching onto your gear, so you can fish any stream with an ECO-CLEAR conscience!

White River Fly Shop® ECO-CLEAR™ Wading Boots for Men are equipped with eco-friendly ECO-CLEAR soles for stream protection and slip-resistant traction.

Powler Boot Sticky Rubber
•Available in both sticky walnut rubber and felt sole options

London fashion students hail green as the new black
Apart from stilettos made from pistachio shells and coffee beans, designs include a wood-chip corset by British designer Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse, which was unveiled at London Fashion Week last September and modelled by singer Pixie Lott in Vogue.

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