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chemurgy we have industrial products made from nuts, sesame, soy, gluten and wheat, coconut, fish and seafood, bananas, milk, egg and corn. See Also Non Food Items That Are Nut Free


Stuffed Toys with Nuts in Them

Stuffed Toys
Custom Organic Plush Toys
Here are just a few of the available materials:
•Cotton (Regular & Egyptian) - Filler or Fabric
•Wool - Filler or Fabric
•Bamboo - Fabric
•Soy - Fabric
•Corn - Fabric
•Alpaca - Fabric
•Buckwheat Hulls - Filler (Beanbag or Baby Toys)
Walnut Shells - Filler (Beanbag Feel for Larger Plush)

Stuffed Toy
Polar Bear Stuffed Animal
Each Polar Bear plush doll is filled with all natural kapok fiber and walnut shells for bean bag weight. The dolls are sewn with only organic cotton thread and their faces are made with hand stitched soy/wool blended yarn.

E.T X-Mas (article)
E.T X mas
"Fortunately, because of economic conditions around the world, there were a lot of factories available," says Kamar, 59. "But E.T. is not an easy item to produce. It's handmade, and people have to be trained how to do it." The doll, which is stuffed with fiber and pulverized walnut shells (for weight and because they are semidigestible if a child swallows some), has, according to the hyperbolic Kamar, "wiped out the stockpile of walnut shells in the Far East. And we have also cornered the vinyl market."

Stuffed Toys From Ecoleeko
Ecoleeko Materials
"Walnut shells crushed are a nontoxic biodegradable material. They are naturally nonabsorbent, mold resistant and dust free. The shells are usually used for other applications but they work well as a beanbag filler natural alternative to the petroleum based plastic pellets usually used in childrens toys.

I use walnut shells only in the Doll legs and arms...

Disclaimer**Parents with Children who have any nut allergies should be aware there are shells used in the legs and arms. Please contact me at to make any doll with no walnut shells for your child using only kapok fiber. Please contact me if this should affect your child in any way."

Stuffed Toys
Woof Poof and the Enviroment
Woof & Poof is always conscious of being a good steward of our limited resources and of our environment. In that effort, we have been working with a local walnut processor, ECO-SHELL, to provide a more environmentally friendly filler for many Woof & Poof products. Woof & Poof is proud to use biodegradable walnut shells in our stuffing process.

Teddy Bears
Collectable Bears
"Collectible teddy bears are created using quality German and English mohair and glass eyes. Mohair comes in different colors, fur types (curly or straight), fur lengths and density (sparse to dense). The eyes also come in a variety of sizes and colors. These bears are not toys. They are constructed from materials that may be hazardous to small children if handled incorrectly. The bears are stuffed with polyfil, zinc coated steel shot and crushed walnut shells. Bear noses are hand sewn using a pearl cotton thread and the fur is trimmed around the face to bring the bear to life. All bears are fully jointed in the arms, legs, and neck so they can be posed naturally."

Wooden Toys Treated With Nut Oil

Wooden Toys
Ostheimer Toys
Ostheimer wooden tools are finally treated with either a non-toxic walnut oil or shellac finish in order to give the colours the greatest possible durability.

Wooden Toys
Fine Hardwood Toys for Young Children's Children
My toy finish is simply walnut oil and is non-toxic while giving substantial soil and moisture resistance. (I buy walnut oil at the grocery store.) Walnut oil is a traditional wood finish and has been used for centuries.

Wooden Blocks
DIY Wooden blocks (article)
Now you’re going to finish your blocks. I used walnut oil because it’s a good wood finisher that’s also baby safe. You know your baby’s going to put these in his or her mouth, so you want to be sure that whatever finish you use isn’t going to hurt them. Since walnut oil is actually meant to be used for cooking, have no fear. To finish your blocks, lay out a couple sheets of paper towels and pour a little bit of oil in a cup. While wearing your gloves, dip your old rag in the oil and rub each piece of wood until it is completely covered. Lay them out like so to dry (which actually only takes a few minutes).

Wooden Farm House Farm House
Ostheimer buildings are finally treated with either a non-toxic walnut oil or shellac finish in order to give the colors the greatest possible durability. note: the shown green base will be sold separately !

Instruments and music supplies that have nuts in them

Wooden Toys and Instruments
Sussex Woodsman
"We use Tung Oil or Walnut Oil for oiled finishes, this finish may not be suitable for people who have a nut allergy, product styles pictured are generic and are for illustration purposes only, as we work with natural materials & products the styles and shapes of the completed items are subject to considerable natural variation, photographs and/or lists of current stock (if available) can be provided upon request. Overseas orders welcome."
Arrow Through A Ring Puzzle
Wooden Woods Made Whistle
Whimmy Diddle.

Maintenance instructions Good advice to start your baroque flute (article)
"Cleaning : after playing, wipe your flute outside with a soft rag. Take care particularly to clean the mouth hole, without “wounding it”, using a cotton stem soaked with sweet almond oil, to pass on the internal walls."

A Bell Flute Company
"The wood is treated at each stage with a light coating of almond oil acquired at a local health food store. The care taken to handle and inspect each piece of wood throughout the various stages of production helps to insure that the finished whistle will play for many years with relatively low maintenance."

Mapex Saturn Drum
"The Mapex Saturn is ideal for all professional music applications; recording, live including all genres of music. Saturn is available in a wide variety of complete drum sets and shell packs. A multitude of components can be added to complete any desired set-up. With its unique thin maple and walnut shell, Saturn produces deep, rich tone recognized by thousands of players as the Mapex Sound!"

Waddle Violins
"The varnish process includes tanning the wood with UV light, priming the wood, sealing the wood, varnish made of natural resin and walnut oil, and some natural pigments. I am trying to make the copy look as much as the original as I can."

Violin Varnish
Classic Violin Varnish
For violin varnish, linseed oil and walnut oil are most often used in combination with resins. The oil is prepared by cooking or by exposing to air and sunlight. The resin is typically available as a solid, and is then "run" by cooking or literally melting it in a pot over heat without solvents. The thickened oil and prepared resin are then cooked together and thinned with turpentine into a brushable varnish."

Walnut Shell Open-Back Banjo
•5-string Open-Back model
Walnut Shell & Neck
•Double Co-ordinator rods
•24 Plated brackets
•'Whyte Laydie' Style Tone Ring
•Inlaid Headstock & Fingerboard
•Official Remo Head
•Scale Length - 670mm"

Deering banjos (article)
"The ebony fingerboards on our Deering banjos are not covered with a finish. They are treated with a light coating of almond oil. You can but it at the grocery store or the hardware store.

To clean your fingerboard, rub it down with a clean cloth that has a light coating of almond oil on it. Rub the oil into the wood, and remove any excess on the fingerboard."

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