Non Food Items That Have Coconuts in Them

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Miscellaneous Products That Have Coconuts in Them

Wine Holder
Pirate Coconut Head Wine Holder
"Carved out coconut pirate heads will hold a bottle of your favorite spirits. Also can be used as a display. Price is for one head. Assorted styles, we'll choose a nice one for you."

Compostable Toilet
Natures Head
"After solid waste addition, the peat moss or coconut fiber must be agitated 2-3 revolutions in order to mix the waste into the compost and promote the composting process. Contents of the solid waste container must be kept moist, not wet, and remain separated from the liquid waste. If the toilet is functioning correctly the composted matter will have a musty or soil-like odor and the visual appearance will be very similar to that of the original peat moss."

Counter Tops
Green Counter Tops
"Multiple Materials for Multiple Lifestyles... Recycled Glass * Paper-Rock * Seamless Surfaces * Glass * Precious Stone * Quartz * Laminates * Coconut Palm * Bamboo * Exotic Woods * Natural Stone * Onyx * Concrete * Resin & Epoxy Tops * Back lit Bar tops * Custom Inlay"

Ipad Cover
"The coconut tree perhaps is the most giving tree in all of nature. What I mean is that every part of the tree is used in some industry or another. So it makes complete logical sense for young designers with an eco initiative to come up with an iPad cover made from materials sourced from the coconut tree!"

Palm Pannel
Palm Pannel
"The placement of the coconut chip is one of the fundamental components of the finished design. The placement of the coconut chips for the smooth designs is a form of art and is achieved by hand placing coconut chips either vertically or horizontally onto the plywood in distinctive patterns. Once these coconut chips are in place on the plywood which serves as a backing, filler is then applied, filling and securing each chip and giving the palm panel its solid surface and colored backdrop."

Mecanical Pencil
"The Ambition mechanical pencil barrel is made of coconut wood with unique grain design. The pencil uses the twisiting mechanism, with front and end pieces made of chrome-plated and polished metal. It has the spring-loaded clip with replaceable eraser under the cap. It uses the 0.7mm lead refill."

Wood Polish
ECO Me Polish
Olive oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Pure Plant Essential Oils (Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass).

Coconut Paper
Coconut Paper
"The production of handmade paper from the different parts of the coconut palm such as leaves, husk (young and mature), petiole and rachis and spathes was developed. The suitable handmade papermaking procedure such as chemical charge, cooking time and pulp recovery was developed to standardize method for cellulosic materials coming from coconut trees."

"NSP Coco Mat Funboards are built using the world’s first patent pending surfboard construction using all natural coconut husk fibers. The coconut husk fibers provide an incredible strength to weight ratio, the end product being a beautiful natural looking surfboard that is light and strong.

Banana Products
Ecco Planet
"Sustainability is at the heart of what we do – we use renewable materials such as coconut shell and banana fibre. We support projects that craft by traditional methods, whilst adapting designs for the modern market and also work hard to provide ongoing support for our producers."

In Vanuatu, a proving ground for coconut oil as an alternative fuel

Key Chain
Unique Coconut Shell Keychains
"I will send 3 unique keychains made from coconut shell. You can choose 3 combination of the animals: lobster, crab, spider, fly and frog. It could take around 2-3 weeks to send these keychains to your place, it depends on your location."

Piggy Bank
Doll Piggy Bank Shell
"Furthermore, with its style of a doll piggy bank where you can put your coin savings every time you have an excess change of money. This will be the suitable outline that might give a famous and greatest intrinsic design of coconut shell."

Car Wax
Guru Wax
"GuruWax is a unique blend of natural coconut, almond, propolis and banana oils with over 50% by volume of Brazilian No. 1 White Carnauba wax, the purest, hardest and most transparent natural wax in the world."

Leather Treatment
Zymol Leather Conditioner
"Introducing solvent-based conditioners accelerate aging in leather upholstery and trim. zymöl Treat Leather Conditioner is a solvent-free, banana-oil and collagen-based feeding product that releases trapped solvents and restores moisture to keep your leather looking, feeling, and smelling like new.
Contains Beef Collagen, Banana Oil, Lemon Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Cocoamide, Lecithin and Aloe Vera Extract."

Coconut Rope
Coconut Fibre Rope

"100% natural twine created from the husks of coconuts Item"

Sports Car
Article: Sleek New Sports Car Made From coconuts No Really

Charcol Bricks
Twin layer charcoal bricks with igniter for easy ignition. 100% biodegradable and renewable. The charcoal briquettes are manufactured from coconut shell charcoal, with high carbon content and high heat energy and other biomass for high heat release & easy ignition."

Coconut Shell Charcol
This type of charcoal is made from coconut shell that had been kilned in a particular kiln oven using high temperature."

"Natural and renewable, the fiber in the coconut shell (also known as coir) is the latest in eco-friendly fabrics that are designed for high performance. From eliminating embarrassing odors and sweat to providing accelerated moisture management and protection from harmful UV rays, fabrics made from recycled coconut shells are becoming an increasingly popular choice for bedding materials."

Coconut Products
D Sourse
"Coconuts are a remarkable renewable resource with constituents that have many unique and superior properties.Over a period of time this craft has grown popular from merely producing decorative items to producing many contemporary lifestyle products and furniture." These products can be used for domestic purposes as well as kept for decorations."

Craft Items
Vibrant Nature
"Vibrant Nature is a one stop shop for high quality, Eco-Friendly & Bio-Degradable Indian Handicrafts! Shop for Home decor, Kitchen ware, Bath ware, Personal accessories and more, while being environmentally responsible. All our products are 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly, Bio-degradable and Handcrafted out of Banana Fiber, Sisal Fiber, Palm Leaf, Kora Grass, Talipot, Screwpine, Coconut Husk, Coconut Shell, Arecanut, Vetiver, Terracotta and much more"

Toilet Paper
Mola Sensitive
Mola Sensitive Coconut Milk is the highest quality, 3-plies white toilet paper enriched with coconut milk lotion, making it soft and pleasant in touch to give maximum comfort to the most demanding and sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested.

Toys That Have Coconuts in Them

Wooden Toy
Push Along Wooden Toy - Lion
This charming lion on wheels has been constructed without nails or screws and finished with coconut oil.

Wooden Toy
Wooden oy Elephant
his super cute elephant on wheels has been constructed without nails or screws and finished with coconut oil. Our wooden toys are made from renewable, environmentally sensitively sourced Tanzanian woods and are made by a group of disabled men who have been trained to carve wood.

Silicone + Wood Teether Toy- GREY
-Wood is made from organic maple wood and is very, very smooth.
- Finished with organic beeswax and Organic Coconut Oil.

Fruit Salad Plate
Little peoples imaginations will be captured with these beautifully hand made felt fruit pieces on a coconut wooden board. A sustainable addition to any home corner or great on its own. The coconut wood is only harvested once the trees stop producing viable coconuts and are older than 15 years.

Inspire your children with this culturally diverse Coconut Maraca. The coconut is filled with tiny pieces of stone to make to most beautiful melodies for children to move and groove to! The paint work reflects traditional Aboriginal artwork.

Furniture made from Coconut Shells and Fibre

COCO Collection
"South American artisans have long been using natural materials such as coconut to provide depth and texture to their creations."

Coconut Screen
Fabric Pannel
"Criss Cross Coconut Fabric 3 Panel Floor Screen is made from Coconut husks with an intricate cross stitch design. This handmade Floor Screen is framed in a Banana Leaf weave and finished on both sides of the screen. This outdoor screen can be used on your patio as a panel that will limit or block one side or it can be used in your garden to create or delimit a privacy area. This partition can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal to create some division in your outdoor areas."

Coconut Shell Console Table
"Beautiful Console Table made from natural Coconut Shells exclusive from coco54. Stunning piece of quality made furniture which will make a statement to your living room."

Blue Print Furnature
"The Nias dining tables are made of intricate mosaics coconut shells and yellow penshells that give them extraordinary texture and make them warm and inviting."

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Lamps and Decor
Art Coco
"Art Coco’s product line is anchored by a range of spectacular lamps and shades crafted from natural coconut fibre, that brings the warm light and vibrant colours of Africa to any interior.

Other products displaying different facets of the coconut fibre are trays, picture frames, boxes and Christmas decorations of stunning originality.

Coconut Critter Dog Night Light
This puppy dog night light is perfect for that dog lover! Made by hand in Thailand out of coconut shell and hard wood. Electrical is CSA approved and requires a 7 watt light bulb (included).

Pussy Lawn Furnature
"Project about the introduction of natural elements in the home landscape. It’s a chair made of coconut fibre and seeds compressed with latex. Was part of “300% Spanish Design” exhibition, curated by Juli Capella, toured Lisbon, Athens, Shanghai and Beijing."

Design Work
"During Design at Work 10 Sedete is presenting ‘COCOFRAME : how to construct ecological seating frames of coco fibre’. ‘Cocoframe’ is a new, patented construction technique. It uses the specific features of the coconut fibre to construct complete seating frames. From a basic pouf to a club chair, it’s all possible with ‘ Cocoframe’."

Sound barriers and Insulation that contain coconuts

Sound Barrier
Koko Noice Barrier
"The Kokowall Noise Barrier is a natural looking noise barrier system that befits any environment. The Kokowall Noise Barrier panels finish consists of durable coconut fibre and is ideally suited for climbing plants. Coconut fibre has outstanding sound absorption properties."

Insulation Cork
"Amorim Isolamentos is dedicated to the production of insulation materials based on natural raw materials such as cork and coconut. It develops and produces termal and acoustic insulation solutions in expanded corkboards, regranulates and boards/rolls of coconut fibre, environmentally friendly, 100% natural materials with excellent technical performance.

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Eco Cork
"Following an ecological philosophy, JOCAVi® has designed this line of acoustic insulation and treatment materials, which are made exclusively from natural raw-materials, like cork and coconut. This line of products provides a practical and efficient solution for acoustic insulation and treatment, with the associated benefit of the thermal component. It is composed of expanded cork agglomerate (as an acoustic and anti-vibration insulation material), coconut fibre (as an acoustic energy absorbent material), and perforated panels made of coloured pressed wood fibre that gives it an attractive finishing."

"In the area of sound insulation Enkev has developed a safe and healthy alternative: The Cocoplate. Cocoplate is made from the coir fibres of the coconut husk. These fibres are first curled and then interconnected by means of a needling process. A layer of rubber latex is then sprayed onto the fibres before they are compressed into dense sheets. The rubber is vulcanised, bonding all the coir fibres with 'rubber strings'. So Cocoplate has excellent shock- and sound-absorbent properties, and the hollow coir fibres also provide heat insulation."

Bedding Products That Contain Coconuts

Chiro Sleep
"The Chiro Sleep features the Torquesone spring system which is postureised in the middle third so provides added support where it is most needed. The sleep surface features Dream Foam comfort layers, and Nuvole fibre, which gives you a drier, healthier sleep. Comfort quilt foam provides extra comfort and coconut fibre insulation pads protect the comfort layers from the springs."

Sleeping Bags
Deja Vu
"With a recycled polyester insulation, a recycled polyester shell and a fabulous Cocona™ lining made with fibers from salvaged coconut shells, you are insured a good night sleep."

Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
"So, just how green is the Sierra Designs Nahche +0 Sleeping Bag you ask? Well to start it off, the Sierra Designs Nahche +0 Sleeping Bags PrimaLoft isulation is made from a collection of recycled textiles and PET bottles. The shell fabric on the outside is aslo made with recycled EcoSensor fabric. but, thats not all. The Cocona lining is made from activated carbon that comes from coconut shells.

Coconut Pillow
"A great choice for back and side sleepers, the Coconut Bliss Pillow has natural coconut integrated with premium foam. This allows for 3 times more air circulation than traditional foams, giving you a more comfortable night's sleep."

Fibre Foam
Coconut Foam Mattress
"One piece coconut fibre mattress: 1)Simply design with coconut fibre; 2)Comfortable cotton fabric; 3)Natural coconut fibre"

"Headboards are made of cotton or cotton and coconut fibres. Produced in different shapes, dimensions and colours, they are are a useful support comfortable and wrapping during sleep."

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Latex Foam and Coconut Coir Bed Matress
"The Cocoa Plus is softer on the outside and firmer in the centre. The outer layers of natural Latex are softer and yielding, while the inner Coconut Coir gives good, firm support.

The pressure sensitive qualities of the natural Latex allow the mattress to mould to the contours of the body, whilst the Coconut Coir gives the mattress excellent support and resiliance to encourage complete relaxation of the spine."

Coconut Palm Matress
"This natural mattress is made with coconut palm fiber, latex-free foam, and pure cotton. It can be used on both sides to give baby years of safe, healthy dreams."

Babyluxe Mattress
"•Coconut fiber bonded with 100% natural latex"

COCO Matress
"Beck To Nature's KOKO Mattresses are best for babies because they are made from 100% renewable materials, coconut husk and natural latex, and are therefore free of harsh chemicals that can be inhaled by baby's developing lungs."

Coconut Mattress
"Heng Huat Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd. is the first fully-integrated and cost-effective 100% Natural Coconut Fibre mattress manufacturer in Malaysia for many years. Through careful selection and gathering of raw material coconut husk and systematic quality control of coconut fiber production, we are able and capable to manufacture good quality 100% Natural Coconut Fiber sheets, mattresses as well as other furniture products at competitive pricing."

Floor and Mats that Have Coconuts in Them

Coconut Mat
Celtic Sea Rubber Coir Mat
"This cocomat is made natural coconut fiber!"

Door Mats
"Coir rugs and mats are an excellent green flooring choice. They are made of renewable, natural fiber derived from coconut husks. Coir flooring products are relatively uncommon. Most of the world’s Coir is produced in India and Sri Lanka. Coconut plantations and naturally growing coconut trees provide a continuous supply of coir without putting undue pressure on the environment."

Coir Carpet
"Coir Carpet is made from Coconut husks. The fibres are extremely strong and make a tough slightly rough carpet that is extremely hardwearing. Not suitable for kitchen and bathroom."

Coconut Flooring
Coconut Flooring
"Coconut wood flooring is not a wood; it's in the palm family and is one of the fastest growing species on the planet. Coconut trees rejuvenates quickly—growing to full maturity in 5 to 6 years—making it a truly sustainable resource. Coconut wood flooring is harvested from coconut plantations at the end of their coconut- bearing years and are then cut down and replanted with new coconut palms with the old palms made into our coconut wood flooring."

Yoga Mat
Coconut Fibre Yoga Mat
"Why "eQua Plus?" The eQua Plus Mat Towel puts an entirely new spin on traditional multi-purpose towels. It's made with COCONA® natural fibers extracted from recycled coconut shells.

Cocona technology utilizes recycled coconut shells that would have otherwise gone to landfills. Through a patented process, the coconut shells are converted into activated carbon particles which are then infused into the microfiber for optimal moisture and odor management.

Coconut Wood
Coconut Wood
"Coconut palm wood is a sustainable environmentally friendly answer to hardwood flooring and furniture.

Coconut palm wood flooring comes in a number of different sizes

The Coconut palm wood flooring is made from coconut palms from Islands off the coast of Indonesia and Africa, the timber is milled kiln dried and transformed into flooring or timber for furniture"

Mandala Eco Homes
"Each Mandala Eco Home is a pre-built kit made from coconut hardwood in our own factory in Bali."

Coconut Rug
T Design
"Limited Edition rugs, hand-woven in the most valuable coconut fibre. A careful study of colour and its performance. The contrast of intensely evocative and rough surfaces. The particular design of these rugs make them suitable for uses removed from classical rug usage. The can become, for example, modern tapestries or headboards."

Coconut Mats
Garnethill Doormat collection
"Step up your look and brighten your doorstep with our vibrant original doormat designs hand-made from the natural fibers of coconut shell husks, also known as coir."

"Cocomatsnmore is proud to present over 200 designs of coco mats to suit every taste and need. These coco mats are not only beautiful but are very functional as well. They are made from coco fibre from the outer husks of coconut which makes it a natural and environmentally friendly doormat."

River Pebble Tiles
"Coconut Tiles are an incredibly unique and fresh approach to eco friendly products. Made from reclaimed coconut shells, low VOC resins and sustainably harvested wood backer, they are perfect for kitchen design and bathroom design."

Palm Coconut Shell
"Palm Coconut Shell tiles feature beautiful cocnut shell slices suspended in a durable resin base. The result blends organic elements in a contemporary design. Each tile has a hard substrate backing for ease of installation."

"Cocomosaic Tiles are made from shells of natural coconuts that are abundant and found in many parts of Indonesia. Coconut shells are readily available and so far only a small portion of it has been used as a low economic solution. As Cocomosaic Tiles are produced from the fruit of the coconut tree, we are keeping the trees alive allowing them to produce even more fruit. By using Cocomosaic Tiles, we can create the interior style we are looking for while being environmentally conscious and active in our choices."

Coconut Tiles
"These tiles are made from hard coconut shells using a patented processing method. The shells consist of about 50% lignin (natural vegetable resin), which gives it great resistance to decomposing or rotting and also insect attack."

Coir Help I'm Allergic to Doormats

Home Decor and Decoration Made From Coconuts

Wind Chime
Bamboo Jack O Lantern Wind Chime
"Handcrafted of bamboo and carved coconut shell with a metal hook and nylon string"

Coconut Shell Cocktail Personalized Christmas Ornament
Beach Ornament
"Who doesn't have great memories of a fru-fru drink enjoyed in a beach locale. For that reason, we offer this coconut shell fruity drink ornament. Personalize with the custom sentiment of your choice on up to 2 lines."

Tree Decoration
Coconut Nativity Ornament
"A coconut shell nativity scene ornament for the Christmas tree, with a bell to ring in the Good News. Decorative only. Keep out of reach of children. Coconut nativity scene ornament's bell is made of brass."

Nativity Sceans From Nature
"Haitians collect coconut shells for the stable and shape miniature holy family figurines from local clay. Natives of Ecuador gather, arrange and paint tagua palm nuts for manger scene characters. Weavers from Wisconsin to Bangladesh spin jute plant fibers into burlap garments to clothe carved crib characters."

Nativity Set
"This Nativity contains the Holy Family, a shepherd with lamb, an ox, a wild boar, a scarlet macaw (the national bird of Honduras), and three wise men. All figures are made from polymer clay. The backdrop to this Nativity is a stable hut made from a real coconut shell. The clay figures measure 1.5 inches tall. The coconut hut measures approximately 4.5 inches tall."

Christmas Decorations
Hand carved Christmas decorations
"A set of eight different shaped christmas decorations; hand carved from coconut shell. Each decoration has a satin ribbon tie for hanging and comes in an organza gift bag."

Counter Top
Custom Counter Tops Unique Designs
"Natural shell inlay for counter tops and other surfaces offers a unique alternative to granite, laminate and composite materials commonly used in today’s homes. Hyperion Imports offers a solution for those seeking something unique. Coconut – shell, natural mother-of Pearl, crosscut cinnamon, or bamboo counter tops and surfaces are some of the choices among our exotic collection of inlaid surfaces."

Maraca Woman
Coconut Maraca Woman
"Our Coconut Maraca Woman Decoration is carved from a real coconut and comes with a coconut husk cap, coconut fiber hair, and burnt or hand painted details to bring the character to life.

Coconut Masks
Coconut Masks
"These handmade masks are made with the base of a coconut shell, then built up and embellished with clay and strawberry cactus, seapods, or horns of goats, corncobs, and other various plant life that the artist may stumble upon while walking the beaches of Southern Mexico."

Coconut Frame
Coconut Frame
"When our ship set ground on the shore of an uncharted desert isle, we donned our handy formalwear (thank goodness we packed it) and made lemonade out of lemons—or rather, frames out of coconut shells."

Coconut Shell Zebra Accent Lamp
"This beautiful hand carved zebra shaped accent lamp is made from wood and hemp rope, with a drilled out real coconut shell acting as the body and lampshade. The coconut shell has hundreds of holes drilled into it to provide you just the right accent lighting."

Coconut Masks
Handcrafted Coconut Masks painted by hand
"These Coconut Masks are all made out of a natural Coconut and are complete hand painted. Some have different type of seeds, Wood Pieces and even Goad Horn on them to present different types of figures."

Coconut Balls
Coconut Shell Balls
"Coconut shell balls from Indonesia Bali. Home accents and home decors made of coco shell layered on plastic ball. Coco shell balls made in Indonesia as ornaments and decoration for kitchen table or living room home accessories. Coconut balls made of coconut shell, available in various colors."

Personal and Adult Items That Contain Coconut

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