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Miscellaneous Products that Have Nuts in Them

Pillow MistM
Sweet Almond mist For Pillows

Logo on Walnut Shells
Buy 'em by the pound with your logo on each nut. Great idea for attracting attention at a trade show or any event. Promote a name... Promote a theme... Promote!

Pricing is per pound of walnuts, i.e. 10 equals 10 pounds. 100% biodegradable, natural produce and you can put the shells into a compost once you're done for an all natural fertilizer.

Press Company
Just Vandy Vandercook
"The ink we use contains organically grown nut oils in place of petroleum oil."

Article Business Cards
Peanut Business cards you Can Eat
"A Japanese company named Arigatou is using high grade CO2 laser engraving technology to print logos, names and telephone numbers on organic materials like beans, rice and peanuts.

These “Taberu Me” cards cost a bit more than regular cards, a set of 150 costs 5,800 yen (around $50). “Taberu” means “eat” and “Me” could either be “business card” in Japanese or “me” in English."

Car Wax
Guru Wax
"GuruWax is a unique blend of natural coconut, almond, propolis and banana oils with over 50% by volume of Brazilian No. 1 White Carnauba wax, the purest, hardest and most transparent natural wax in the world."

Macadamia Nut Bowl
"Made of ground macadamia nut shells, then lacquered to a brightly colored finish, these bowls are cold food safe and provide perfect functional decor."

Peanut Drop Strange But True Peanut Drop For Canada Day (blog article)

Fireworks (article)
An unusual Glossary of Firework and Explosive terms which is constantly being expanded to include all sorts of interesting facts, but don''t worry it isn''t too technical its an interesting read for anyone or just somewhere to get that odd little fact !
(scroll down) Arachis Oil Peanut oil.

Dynamite may Contain Peanuts
For those with allergies to peanuts, stay away from dynamite! At one time, some manufacturers may have used peanut oil as an ingredient of glycerol, an ingredient of nitroglycerine. Vegetable and nut oils are used in countless ways, this being one of the more interesting one… You may never look at a peanut butter sandwich the same way.

Peanuts Are an Ingredient of Dynamite
Peanuts in dynamite? Did we really just say that peanuts are an ingredient of dynamite? We sure did, and you shouldn’t fear either. Your teeth won’t be blown off, nor will there be a discharge in your mouth the next time you nibble some nuts. The simple reason for this is that only one product that is extracted from peanuts are used in dynamite.

Furniture Polish
Old English
"12.5 oz. Lemon Aerosol and 12.5 oz. Almond Aerosol"

Leather Wipes
Leather Wipes (click leather wipes on FAQ Page)
"Do Weiman products contain any ingredients derived from nuts or nut oils?
Yes. The following products contain oils that are derived from almonds and walnuts:
Weiman Leather Wipes
Weiman Leather Cleaner & Polish
Weiman Furniture Wipes
Weiman Furniture Polish
Weiman Furniture Cream
Weiman Furniture Cleaner"

Leather Care
Scholl Concepts Skin Leather Care
Scholls leather formulation centers around all natural ingredients including sunflower oil, almond oil, as well as beeswax, and avoids the unwanted cheap greasy silicones of days past.

Brake fluid made from walnut shells
Brake Fluid
" Brake fluid is not a petroleum-based product; it is made from cashew shells. As such brake fluid does absorb moisture from the air and when it does, its effectiveness diminishes and lowers braking performance. Sludge will also build up over a period of time and will block the valves inside ABS units and result in costly repairs or replacement. In addition this sludge will cause calipers and wheel cylinders to leak, also resulting in repairs or replacement. So the best thing to do is to have the brake fluid flushed and refilled every two years or 60,000 miles."

Paper made from peanuts
Development and Characterization of Paper Products from Dried Sweetpotato Stems, Peanut Shells and Soybean Pods
"A Tuskegee University research team has developed paper from inedible sweetpotato ( Ipomoea batatas ), peanut ( Arachis hypogea ), and soybean ( Glycine max ) plant residues for NASA's Advanced Life Support Program (ALS) for sustaining human life in space."

Oil Filters that uses walnut shells
Walnut Shell Fiters
"The HYDROFLOW™ deep bed nut shell filter brings major improvements to filtration technology. By utilizing “Black Walnut Shells” as the media, the HYDROFLOW™ removes greater than 98% of oil contaminants and suspended solids from a water stream."

Chemurgy And
Allergens Blog

Nut Free
Food Products

Nut Free Bakeshops

Prescriptions and
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Containing Nuts

Nut Allergy Blogs

Antique walnut shell necessaire
An antiique necessaire made from a walnut shell, the interior mounted in engraved silver coloured metal and fitted with a pair of miniature scissors, thimble, pen knife, needle, pin case and stiletto.

Book in a Walnut Shell
Merchandising in a Down Market (blog article)
"This past holiday season, I created etuis out of walnut shells, filled them with miniature accordian books, and wrapped them in pink tissue and tiny white boxes. I mailed them in early December and the first job rolled in four days later."

Messages in Walnut Shells
Be Quirky In A Nutshell
"This product will contain nut traces"

"Beige (Walnut Shells Natural Dye)"

Pecan Flour Filler
"Pecan flour filler makes the epoxy resin lighter, thicker, and more sandable. This pecan flour filler makes the resin resemble wood. It is most commonly used as an epoxy thickening agent in rebuilding rotted wood or building a wooden boat."

Natural Pistachio Shell & Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace
"Natural Pistachio Shell & Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace 1" extender Ball and loop clasp Freshwater cultured pearl"

Walnut Bracelet
"Bracelet made by Delfina Delettrez for Kenzo. The bracelet eatures real walnuts preserved in resin and encased in walnut shells made of golden metal and has an adjustable lenghth"

Walnut Engagement Ring
"Whether you're nuts about them or you're both just nuts - either way, this is a fun and non-traditional ring for the one you love. This ring is a tapered band of solid walnut wood with an inlay of crushed walnut shells."

"loving this beautiful necklace from french jewelry designer calourette. it’s a “nut” of silver nestled within a real walnut shell."

Naturalistic Vintage Necklace Walnut Shells~Peach & Apricot Pit Beaded
"Really fabulous and unique! This vintage continuous Necklace measures 44' long and is hand crafted from all organic material. The largest oval or round beads are carved from Walnut shells and the largest oval shaped beads are Peach pits!"

Solid KOA Gold Face Wood Bracelet
"Every Koa link on these watches is hand sanded and finished with a light coat of walnut oil. Our exclusive Koa watches are perfect for everyday use."

Spindle Bracelet
"Inspired by modern architecture the Spindle Bracelet is a complex assembly of laser cut parts resulting in a beautifully intricate art piece for your wrist. Hand assembled and finished with walnut oil. This item was a limited run and has been discontinued."

Lytess New Mom Anti-Cellulite Post-Partum Lift Up Bra (w/Almond Oil Infused Fabric)
•Copaiba: Powerful firming tonic.
•Elemi Resin: Toning and moisturizing.
•Sweet almond oil infused fabric softens skin.
Fabric: 70% Polyamide, 20% Polypropylene, 10% Elastane. Guaranteed for 30 washes.

Black Wallnut Tees
Black Wallnut Tees
"All shirts are hand dyed using our own natural black walnut dye so that each shirt is unique. They are either solid or have a natural tie-dyed effect from placement in our dye pot. All Tees are 100% cotton.

Peanut Fibre Clothing
Ardril The Forgotten Fabric (article)
Peanuts are not only a food, a source of oil (and a possible replacement for diesel fuel) ... did you know that you can also "wear" them?

In 1937, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) patented a technique to make a synthetic fibre from peanuts called Ardil which could be woven like wool.

ECOCLEAR Breathable Waders For Men
Around the world, fish-bearing streams are being compromised by invasive species introduced into new environments via boots and waders. That’s why we created ECO-CLEAR™ soles. Their unique construction—crushed walnut shells and a dynamic rubber compound—helps keep unwanted organisms from latching onto your gear, so you can fish any stream with an ECO-CLEAR conscience!

Walnut shells used in oil drilling
Gunnison Energy Corporation
"Walnut Shells are ground walnut shells used to prevent lost circulation. Walnut shells are added at a concentration of approximately 2 pounds to 20 pounds per barrel of drilling mud."

News Stories

Feds back Big Island plan to recycle macadamia nut shells

Future Mobile Phones to Be Made from Cashew Nut Shells

Gas Masks That Have Nuts in Them

Gas Masks
Gas Warfare in WW1
WW1 Gas MaskIndiana War Memorial museum exhibit This is a modified version of the British design, a canvas mask attached to a fiber hose with a charcoal filter attached. The charcoal was make from fruit pits and nut shells, both of which were often acquired from recruiting drives from the home front. The soldier had to breath directly through the tube, as the canvas mask was not airtight like the later rubber masks.

Gas Masks
Peach Stones (Pit) Campaign during WWI
he best material for gas masks is cocoanut shell, but it has been found that many other fruit stones and nut shells provide an excellent quality of charcoal or carbon. They include peach, apricot, cherry, prune, plum and olive pits, date seeds, and the shells of brazil nut, hickory nut, walnut, and butternut. Materials may be mixed together indiscriminately, the announcement says, although all must be dried by oven-baking or sun-drying.

Gas Masks
Peach pits, nut shells and how they helped us win the Great War
Fruit stones and nuts shells, burned slowing in a controlled fashion, were the perfect source for activated carbon. Now the problem was getting enough of these common everyday items together to do the job. After all, it took 200 peach pits or 2 pounds of nut shells to produce enough carbon to outfit one gas mask.

Gas Masks
Your Country Needs YouTo Collect Fruit Stones andnut Shells
Gas masks with charcoal filters were distributed to combat the effects of the gas. And towards the very end of the war, it was realised that a more effective filter could be made from the charcoal that came from burning fruit stones and nutshells. Of great value for the charcoal they produced were stones from peaches, apricots, cherries, plums and dates, alongside shells from Brazil nuts and walnuts.

Tires Made From Nuts

Microbit Technology •Improves traction as ground walnut shells dig and bite into the snow and ice.
•Environmentally-friendly natural material.

Tires OBSERVE GSI-5 Tayo Tires
Microbit Technology
•Improves traction as ground walnut shell dig and bite into the snow and ice.

Microbit Technology
•Improves traction as ground walnut shells dig and bite into the snow and ice.

Nut Allergy Blogs

Nitto’s NT90W
Crushed walnut shells bite into ice and snow while bamboo charcoal helps absorb water off the road surface. Nitto’s NT90W helps you stay connected with the road, even in adverse weather conditions of ice and snow.

Tredwright Tires Kedge Grip Tires
Kedge Grip provides additional traction in slippery conditions. Kedge Grip is a traction additive that we blend into the rubber compound. Kedge Grip consists of a crushed walnut shell and crushed glass particles that work in a two-fold manner. As the tire wears down, the walnut shell is designed to displace from the rubber leaving a small (1mm) pit or void that provides additional traction edges (micro siping).

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