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Paints and Stains With Nuts in Them

Deck Coating
Aggregate of walnut shells that are dense, hard, and have a low specific gravity.
Skid resistant texture for pedestrian decks.

Log Cabin Restoration
Alpie Restoration
"When dryblasting we use many different types of blasting media depending on the age, condition, and type of log home. We use walnut shells, corncob, crushed glass, and occasionally coal slag."

Walnut Oil Paint
Walnut Oil Paint
"Walnut oil has been used by oil painting artists from before the 5th century for diluting their paint and for binding their pigments."

Rust-Oleum Professional Exterior Gloss Gloss Almond Oil-Base Paint
Professional Exterior Gloss Gloss Almond Oil-Base Paint

Deck System
Dura A Walk
"Dura-Walk Aggregate crushed walnut shell aggregate is used as non-slip texture in a Dura-Walk PS plaza deck system. It is a non-toxic, 100% bio-degradable material.

Marine Deck Paint Additive
Shell Tex
"Shell-Tex is a finely ground walnut shell non-skid additive for marine coatings that creates a textured slip resistant finish to any paint or clear coating product. Use it to improve slip resistance or simply to add decorative texture to any finish. Acceptable for use with both oil and water based products. It is acceptable for brush and roller-coat applications and it is sprayable. DIRECTIONS: Pour contents of package into marine paint product, mix thoroughly, apply evenly."

Wood Stain
Walnut Oil Based Interior Stain
British Paints 250ml Walnut Oil Based Interior Stain

Wood Stain
Mahoney's Walnut Oil
"Developed by renowned bowl turner Mike Mahoney, this utility finish is filtered, 100% pure walnut oil. It will harden into a food safe satin finish for bowls, butcher blocks, wood utensils and other wooden utility ware. Just wipe on or immerse and let it penetrate and harden for 24 hours, then reapply as desired."

Walnut Oil
Walnut Oil
Refined walnut oil is a perfect medium for working with our earth oil pigments. Slow-drying, non-toxic, and all-natural. Unlike linseed oil it doesn’t yellow over time.

Art and Craft materials that have nuts in them

Paint Remover
M Graham Products
"Free your studio of dangerous solvents by using walnut oil in place of turpentine or odorless mineral spirits when cleaning brushes. Walnut oil removes color from the artist’s brush or tool as effectively as odorless paint thinners, without creating a solvent hazard. Walnut oil is a natural vegetable oil that neither evaporates nor removes essential oils. The addition of walnut oil to color will increase flow and slow the drying."

Paint Remover
Oil Painting Without Solvents (Article)
Walnut oil removes color from the artist's brush, palette or hands as effectively as odorless paint thinners without creating a hazard to the individual or the environment. Walnut oil is a natural vegetable oil that does not evaporate neither does it remove essential oils from the artist's skin or the hair of the brush.

Organic Walnuts
"Commercial Artist Oil Paint This page was inspired by Michael Morgan who is passionate about the use of walnut oil as an artist who is involved in making his own oil paint, as well as one studying the use of walnut oil in commercial artist oil paint."

Graham Professional Oil Paint

"Made from crushed pecan resin."

Walnuts Used To Create Beautiful Craft Projects (article)
"Kenneth Krampe sees no need to use a scroll saw to shape intricate designs when Mother Nature has already done the work. He finds all the artistic materials he needs in the abundance of walnuts around his Sigel, Ill., home.

Since 1999, he has been turning 1/4-in. thick slices of walnut shells into whimsical wishing wells, covered bridges, clocks, crosses, candlesticks and napkin and pencil holders. He’s also built barns, outhouses and, most impressive of all, trains.

Pecan Resin Figures
Resin Figures
"We carry the full line of cast Pecan Shell Resin Figures from Phase II and the Craft-Tex wild life line. Some of the items from these manufacturers are special order."

Careyanne Photography
"Wild Sorbet can even match the paint color in your home for a truly custom framed product with several choices of trim, including pieces made from reclaimed wood and crushed pecan and almond shells."

Art decor made from macadamia nuts
"Made With Australian Macadamia nut shell. An innovative material, Husque brings together the iconic Australian macadamia nut, the principles of recycling, and the ingenuity of Australian design."

Natural Pigments
Walnut Oil
Our walnut oil is is cold-pressed from freshly dried walnuts (Juglans regia), and then lightly refined. It is a clear, pale yellow oil that has a distinctive odor. As a thin oil, it is used to make oil paint more fluid. As it yellows less than linseed oil (but more than safflower oil) it is good for making pale oil colors. Walnut oil dries more slowly than linseed oil, drying in four or five days. It is said to have a less tendency to crack than linseed oil.

Nut Shell Yarn Dye
Nasha Yarn Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton Yarn
"Beautifully spun & dyed in Italy from 100% pima cotton, Nashua's "Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton" is a great DK-weight choice for environmentally responsible knitters & crocheters. Using only natural dyes from plants, nut shells, wood and elements such as indigo, sandalwood & chestnut, "Ecologie Cotton" gives you lovely pastels & tone-on-tone shades. Superb drape & stitch definition make it perfect for your spring & summer wardrobe including cardis, tops, pullovers, even home decor."

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Artist Paint
Cremnitz White in Walnut Oil (article)
"The use of walnut oil in paint can be traced back even further than that of linseed. When 15th century artists began to add oil to their tempera colours it was walnut oil that seemed the obvious choice. Jan van Eyck in Flanders and Antonello da Messina in Italy both knew of its handling properties; from that time on it was widely used by just about all the great artists, being more a question of who did not use it rather than who did."

Walnut Ink
Walnut Ink
With the help of calligrapher & teacher Carol DuBosch we have bottled the correct amount of Walnut Ink crystals in a wide mouth 2.25 oz jar, that to the best of our knowledge, does not leak! Just add water to fill the jar and you have a lovely sepia ink for practice or finish work. Thanks to Carol for her inspiration and help. (Walnut Ink dry powder above is still the most economical purchase.)

Walnut Ink
Scriptorium Walnut Ink 40 ml. A non-waterproof mid-brown ink, with satin finish when applied densely. Colour greatly effected by tone of the support.

Walnut Ink
Black Walnut Ink
Black walnut ink conjured from rich New Hampshire hulls.
Perfect for mark-making.
Preserved with denatured alcohol.
Gum Arabic added for better flow.

Real Walnut Ink
Real Walnut Ink
"Ink made from Walnut husks. Suitable for use with Dip Pen Nib or Brush"

Walnut Ink
Walnut Ink Crystals
"The fabulous walnut ink crystals are in stock! These are the walnut ink crystals which need to be dissolved in warm water before use and can be used to age or tint a variety of surfaces including paper and fabric."

Walnut Ink
Walnut Drawing Ink
"In washes, it handles like a watercolor, with good layering and lifting capabilities. Its rich color resembles traditional walnut-based inks, but will not fade"

Walnut Ink Antiquing Solution
Walnut Ink
The easy-to-use antiquing solutions are made from Walnut Ink crystals. They'll help you achieve that aged look on any project! The solutions work well on paper, leather, wood and more."

Walnut Dye for basket weaving
Walnut Dye
Black walnut (Juglans nigra), Pecan (Carya illinoensis), or Shagbark hickory (Carya ovata Mill.) nut hulls can be used to make a dye to color your baskets or splint materials. Walnut and hickory dyes to a brown color, pecan a red/orange.

Aw, nuts! Artist turns peanut shells into detailed celebrity caricatures
"Steve Casino found a peanut, found a peanut. Then he cracked it open (gently). But he didn't eat it. Instead, the 46-year-old toy inventor decided to paint a face on the peanut shell ... and thus a hobby, and a lucrative second profession, were born."
See Steve Casino Painer of Nuts

Man wades across peanut butter art exhibit
"A DUTCH museum-goer got into a sticky situation when he waded into a carpet of creamy peanut butter not realising it was a modern art installation.

The hapless visitor somehow failed to spot the 14m expanse of edible goo at the Boijmans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, Algemeen Dagblad reported overnight."

Home Decor and Decorations Made From Nuts

Lemon Pistachio Double Wick Large Jar Candle
Lemon Pistachio: Lemon, mandarin zest and chopped pistachio.

"Sweet Almond & Frankincense - sugar and spice ... enriching frankincense with almonds for aromatic warmth and vibrancy to envelop you."

Cherry lmond Scent Candle
"The Cherry Almond scented candle from Sierra Mountain Candle Company is an exceptionally strong scent we carry and will be more than enough for any Cherry Almond scented candle lover. You can distinguish the two scents of cherries and almonds burning separately and together!"

Fowey Candle Company
"Dipping, pouring, rolling and carving are skills acquired over the past ten years. In 2002 we developed the worlds first free standing transparent candle, made from a secret mix of nut oils and palm wax."

Hazelnut Scented Jar Candle
"A mouthwatering blend of toasted hazelnuts and creamy vanilla. The scent opens with sweet butter, coconut, and a hint of strawberry. The aromatic heart combines fresh roasted nuts and delicious rum liquor. The dry is a sugarcoated vanilla bean. Notes: hazelnut, butter, coconut, strawberry, rum liquor, vanilla bean"

Chocolate Macadamia Candle
"The buttery crunch of toasted macadamia nut is surrounded by a rich silky dark chocolate drizzle. All of the chocolate lusciousness without the calories!"

Massage Candle
"Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, neroli, sandalwood and ylang- ylang"

Massage Oil Candle
"Ingredients: Soy Wax, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Pomegranate and vanilla Essential Oils, and Botanical Oils."

Desk Lamp
Walnut Shell Handicraft-Desk Lamp
"1. Material: Walnut Shell, Size:490*310.
2. Oiled color, different color available.
3. Natural Hand made craft. Using thin slices cut from purely natural shell of wild walnut. Make the craft shape with different style.
4. We can manufacture according to customers' Specifications.

Suitable for displaying in house, meeting room, particularly simple and honest refined. The walnut shell also means luck in Chinese character."

Nut Free Bakeshops


Nut Free Bakeshops

Nut Wreath
Nut Wreath
Autumn is harvest season for almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, and walnuts. But there's no need to squirrel them away for winter. Celebrate their abundance with this festive decoration.

Pistachio Wreath
Pistachio Wreath With Twine Bow
Nothing says natural and organic like a wreath made from nuts. Put festive red pistachios to work this season as decoration by adding them, one at a time, to a foam wreath form using a hot glue gun. Add an extra organic layer of interest with twine or burlap embellishments.

Tree Ornaments
Jesus in a Nutshell
"This decoration is a little jesus child in a crib, the crib is formed by the half of a walnut. A baby jesus of wax, hand-painted, the walnut shell coloured in gold, the crib decorated with gold lace. It is a traditional decoration for christmas time in the alpine area. The nut is a symbol that a hard outer can have a soft and valuable inside."

Nativity Set
Canterbury's most Presious Nativity
Awesome nut wreaths was inspired to make a wreath to decorate your home when celebrating or fall season arrives. Awesome nut wreaths you can design with a simple design and minimalist, but still look unique and beautiful.

Awesome nut wreaths you can make yourself according to your own creativity by using the main ingredient nuts. Even with simple ingredients of course you can make it look unique and beautiful.

Walnut Christmas Crafts
Christmas in a Nut Shell
Since a lot of Christmas treats include walnuts it is pretty common to have some walnut shells lying around the house during the holidays. Instead of throwing them away, make some of these cute and unique Christmas decorations and create your own ‘Christmas in a shell’.

You won’t believe the different ways you can use walnut shells!

Nativity Set
Nativity Stable
Ostheimer buildings are finally treated with either a non-toxic walnut oil or shellac finish in order to give the colours the greatest possible durability.

Walnut Shell Handicraft Flower Vase
"Walnut Shell Handicarft-Flower Vase
1. Material: Walnut Shell
2. Oiled color, different color available.
3. Natural Hand made craft. Using thin slices cut from purely natural shell of wild walnut. Make the craft shape with different style.
4. We can manufacture according to customers' Specifications

Rothko Chair (scoll down)
"Alberto Lievore designed his Rothko chair to be made of Maderon, a moulded bio-material made from pulverized almond shell mixed with natural and synthetic resins."

Pin Cushions that have nuts in them

Pin Cushion Set
Perfect Pie Pincushion
Are you looking for a zero calorie dessert that won't go straight to your hips? Then the Perfect Pie Pincushion is for you! This little treat is sew easy to make too! Kit includes supplies to make 1 pincushion: Fabric, buttons, filling (walnut shells), trim & pattern.

Pin Cushion
Sewn in the Sunshine
The are two-sided and made from Moda fabrics (and have interfacting on the inside to keep the crushed walnut shells inside the pin cushion)!

Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion
"This cute little ceramic cup has a pretty blue cherry design. I picked up the cup from a local thrift shop. The cup has one small chip on the rim. The cushion is made from a recycled, felted, wool sweater - stuffed with polyester fiber fill and crushed walnut shells. I've tied a blue grograin ribbon bow to the side."

Pin Cushion Stuffing
Pin Cushion Stuffing
"Crushed Walnut Shells for Pin Cushion Stuffing and Dying"

Home Improvement Products Made From Nuts

Wood Plastic
Pistachio Shells Used To Make Plastic Nanocomposite (article)
Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology used ,pistachio shell to produce a new type of nano composite which has high tensile strength. According to the researchers, the nanocomposite can be used in the building industry, and it is resistant to humidity, loss of color and various types of fungi and insects.

"Ecolibrium Flooring BASE-ECOLIBRIUM- CLAY- 4"x 4' length Ecolibrium Bio-Based Wall Base is made of walnut and oyster shells making Ecolibrium one of the most sustainable choices on the market. It’s a one-of-a-kind solution that complements any design. And that makes it worthy of a second glance. By combining renewable materials like walnut shells and oyster shells in an innovative manufacturing process, we were able to create a highly sustainable, high-performance wall base."

Construction Material
"Duralmond is a composite material obtained by mixing natural and synthetic resins, crushed almond shells and other additives. After a polymerisation process the mixture is poured into a mould and baked under pressure, giving its rigid final finish. Duralmond can be moulded into any form or texture, providing a unique material for decorative surfaces and soffits. In this way, a natural waste product such as almond shells, combined with a number of biodegradable and recyclable products can, through industrial moulding techniques, acquire forms, mimic textures and give free reign to the imagination of designers and architects."

Industrial and Household
Products made From
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flours like
hazelnut flour
peanut flour
and walnut flour

Alcohol that
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Particle Board
Kokoboard Peanut Shell Board
Kokoboard Peanut Shell is a bio-composite board, made of post-harvest waste. Peanut Shells are turned into particle boards by a hot press procedure and the use of a formaldehyde-free adhesive. The product takes little energy to produce and reduces CO2 emissions by offering farmers an alternative to the usual burning of harvest waste."

Nuxite is made in Minneapolis from crushed walnut shells suspended in a resin binder. Walnut shells are a sustainable and renewable byproduct of annual walnut food crop harvests. They impart their characteristics of super high density, low absorption, and light weight to Nuxite."

Flooring Product
ECO-RWS is a seamless fluid applied decorative flooring system comprised of recycled walnut shells and VOC compliant polymers. The system is designed to create an aesthetically pleasing wear surface that is extremely durable with a wide range of finish textures."

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