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Buying Epipen(s) In Canada
Single Adult EpiPen in Canada costs $100 - $130 CND with no insurance, less with Canadian insurance. Canadian Pharmacists can sell Epipens with out a script, or dispence them with an Epipen script. When a pharmacists despences a medication insurance companies may cover part of the cost. When a pharmacist sells a drug, insurance companies are unlikely to give back any of the cost.

Stories of Americans Buying Cheeper Epipens in Canada

Up North Live
Michiganders seek affordable EpiPens in Canada (September 14, 2016)
Due to Canadian price regulations, a single EpiPen in Ontario costs about $88 American and less than $190 for a 2-pack.

Deep Discounts On Epipens In Canada (September 08, 2016)
Western New Yorkers have a simple option to avoid paying $300 dollars for an EpiPen.
They can drive to Canada and buy one for just over $100.

MS News
Epipen users Can Cross Boarder For Cheaper Costs (Aug, 2016)
The pens sell for around $600 for a two-pack in the US. In Canada, they are much cheaper, and no prescription is needed.

ABC News
EpiPen Price Hike Prompts Some US Families to Buy the Drug in Canada (Aug 31, 2016)
The cost of the EpiPen in the U.S. has risen from $100 to more than $600, according to medical literature and multiple pharmacies. In Canada, the cost for a single EpiPen is around $100 to $145, according to Tim Smith, general manager of the Canadian International Pharmaceutical Association (CIPA), a trade group that represents online pharmacies that dispense drugs to both U.S. and Canadian residents. U.S. residents can purchase the drug from online pharmacies as long as they have a prescription.

Price of EpiPens Deeply Discounted in Canada (August 29, 2016)
FORT ERIE - Western New Yorkers have a simple option to avoid paying $300 dollars for an EpiPen.
They can drive to Canada and buy one for just over $100.

Americans flock to Canada to buy EpiPens cheap (August 29, 2016)
Customs and Border Protection says anyone who has purchased a personal quantity of EpiPens outside the U.S. may travel across the border into the U.S. with them.

We crossed the border and found EpiPen prices are much lower in Canada (Aug 25, 2016)
The 7 Investigators wanted to know how easy and affordable it would be to get the EpiPen in Canada. We traveled to Windsor, a city ripe with pharmacies, and walked inside the popular Shoppers Drug Mart.
We approached the pharmacy counter and asked for a price.
"It's a lot less than the states," one pharmacist said.
$137 dollars for one injector.
Thats $105 U.S. $210 for two. At least a $500 savings over the cheapest U.S. options. And without a prescription, something needed in the US.

The Star
Americans Turn To Canada For Cheaper Epipens (Aug. 25, 2016)
Despite Mylan’s announcement, Nicole Smith, a Colorado-based advocate for allergy solutions, says it’s still worth it for families like hers to purchase from Canada.

“I want the price in the United States to be reflective of the true price of manufacturing that medication,” Smith said. “If Canada is selling them for $110 per EpiPen, there is no reason then that the price of a two-pack in the United States should be over $600. I’m assuming that they’re still making money on it in Canada.”

NPR News
How Smart Marketing Transformed EpiPen Into A Billion-Dollar Product (September 30, 2015)
"Last year when she went to Canada, she was able to get a single EpiPen for $100. And then she had to rely on one expired EpiPen and the one Pen she bought in Canada. And she said that was pretty much the best she could do. That's how it works. It's just much cheaper in Canada because there are different mechanisms in place to keep a cap on drug prices."

Peanut Allergy Survival Blog
I Purchased an Affordable Epipen in Canada (August 24, 2014)
"I decided to travel to Canada and buy an Epipen there. I called Robin's Pharmacy in Vancover, B. C. and I asked how much an Epipen would be. They said I did not need a prescription, and that one Epipen would be $99.99. Sold!"

In These Times
Anaphylactic Sticker Shock (August 4, 2014)
"Road trip! Or, two middle-aged women go on a Hunter S. Thompson-esque drug-buying spree across an international border. And score."

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Cost of Buying Epipen in New Zealand
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