Dairy Free Food List

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Non Dairy Yogurt, Cheese Dairy free bread
Dairy free "milks" Dairy free spreads
Dairy free soups UK Allergy safe foods
Dairy free snacks Dairy free sauces, dips and dressings
Dairy free mixes, and batters Dairy free baby food
Dairy free meat & meat alternatives Dairy free meals and side dishes
Diary free flours and oils Dairy Free pasta
Dairy free baked goods Dairy free bakeshops
Dairy free cereal & granolas Dairy free bars
Dairy free hot chocolate Dairy Free Chocolates
Allergy free candy Dairy free deserts
Dairy free ice-cream and frozen treats Allergy Safe Turkey/ Holiday Meal
Dairy Free Non Food Items

(Dairy free toothpaste, dairy free skin care products, dairy free pet food products, and dairy free craft supplies)

Holiday Treats That Are Allergen Safe (Not Just Dairy Free)

Allergy Friendly
Halloween Treats
Allergy Friendly
Easter Treats

Allergy Friendly
Valentine's Day Treats
Allergy Friendly
Patrick's Day Treats