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Service dogs sniff out peanuts and prostate cancer May 20, 2011

Billy Gensel has severe peanut allergy but his dog sniffs out trouble May 5 2011

ABC On the scent dogs sniff out peanuts March 2009

Trained Peanut Dogs

I Smell Trouble
Allergen Alert Dog Training and Information

The purpose of is to bring awareness to Peanut Allergies and Peanut Detection Dogs.

Peanut Detector Dogs
We are a training facility in Florence, Texas that brings freedom to individuals living with a life threatening
peanut allergy through the use of highly trained detection canines.

Angel Service Dogs
Committed to helping families find the Allergy Alert Dog for their family

Will Work For Peanuts
A Non-Profit Peanut Detection Service Dog Organization


Avoiding Milk

posters and
Allergy T-Shirts

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