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Frontier SoupsAll natural premium dried ingredients in each soup mix contain no added salt preservatives or msg and most are gluten free. From Frontier Soups "None of the packaged dried mixes contain milk or milk products. When milk or cream is called for as a fresh addition soy milk or other substitutions can be made."
King Soba None of our foods contain dairy or dairy derivatives. (accessed January 2016)
Leahey FoodsHome Page: Our products are "certified vegan" and contain ingredients selected with you in mind. (accessed Feb 2016)
Pacific Foodsmany products including soups are dairy free (accessed Nov, 2017)
PitangoDo your meals cater for special diets? Absolutely. List of soups that ar Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Fat, Vegetarian (accessed Nov, 2017)
Vivian'sCream Soups & Sauces see Dairy Free, Gluten Free or Soy Free products (accessed Dec, 2017)

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Sausage & Lental Soup by Frontier Soups mostly gluten and dairy free soups

Tortilla Soup by Frontier Soups mostly gluten and dairy free soups

ALWAYS READ PACKAGING, call manufacturer if you have questions