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Autism; the name itself draws fear in parents today. Hitherto, unheard and rarly diagnosed. What has caused this sudden increase in Autism Spectrum Disorders? Is it happening more often or is it being diagnosed now due to better awareness? We believe it is a combination of both.

Autism affects the language and development of the child, often causing behaviour problems in its wake. The causes of Autism have been said to be may - toxic overload, food-intolerances, nutritive deficiencies, vaccinations, childhood infections etc. however, no clear culprit has been identified. We believe a combination of the above factors affect an already comprised immune system to trigger the symptoms. Though most children have borne the environmental and other applications, only those children with a weaker immune system develop the systems.

Can Autism be cured? Symptoms of Autism can be reversed with usage of combination of Bio-medical and Behaviour language programs. The degree of success of the treatments vary from child to child. Heal'thySelf has introduced a range of products ideally suited for their children. Avoidance of Casein and Gluten has shown marked changes in the attention and behaviour of these children. Milk, Soy, Wheat, Oats etc should be avoided vigorously; at the same time protein intake increased and simple carbohydrates and sugars reduce or eliminated.

Heal'thySelf offers Rice Protein Powder, Gluten Free Flour, Sooji and Dalia for first time in India. Though these products would benefit all children, there importance for Autistic children can not be over stated. Interestingly, Heal'thySelf also offers a Chocolate Cake Mix and a Brownie Mix. All there products are hypoallergenic and wellness quotient and help enhance the immunity of the users. They also plan to bring a range of Gluten Free, High fibres Cookies for all the lovers of tasty but healthy options.

By: Mrs. Chamaria, from www.sunirafoods.com

Home  Avoiding Milk Protein

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