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Amanda's OwnAll are dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free, egg free, gluten free!
Chocolate DecadenceStatement on home page: Your Source for Vegan Chocolate, Gluten Free Chocolate, and Dairy Free Chocolate!
Chocolate Emporium E = Contains EGG, G = Contains, GLUTEN N = Contains NUTS see allergy control statement about allergens
Create A Treat Most cookies and kits are marked as "peanut free"
DivviesValentine hearts, cupcakes, jelly beans and more that are dairy, nut and egg free
Fancypants BakeryFancypants has a collection of Valentine's cookies! All products are Nut Free
Orbit Cookie Nafta FoodsDecorate yourself valentine kits as well as other holiday cookies, many clearly marked as peanut/ nut free
Premium ChocolatiersValentines Chocolate Vegan Dairy Free Nut Free Great collection of Valentines Day gifts, candies, hearts, truffles - Milk Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free
Rose City VeganOur Vegan Chocolates are made using ingredients that are free of animal products. No bone-char sugar is ever used in our Vegan confections. Vegan Valentine's Chocolate Selections
Sha ShaSha Sha Heart shapped cookies nut and dairy free
Surf Sweets Fruity HeartsFree of the 10 Most Common Allergens •Made in a Nut-Free Facility •Dairy Free/Casein Free •Soy Free •Gluten Free (accesed Jan 2015)
Starlight CreativesStarlight have nut free Valentine Cookies. See their nut free information page "We are a nut free bakery."
Sweet WorksHeart Candy, Gluten Free Made in a nut free facility

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