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Home Improvement Products that Have Shellfish in Them

"Ecolibrium Flooring BASE-ECOLIBRIUM- CLAY- 4"x 4' length Ecolibrium Bio-Based Wall Base is made of walnut and oyster shells making Ecolibrium one of the most sustainable choices on the market. It’s a one-of-a-kind solution that complements any design. And that makes it worthy of a second glance. By combining renewable materials like walnut shells and oyster shells in an innovative manufacturing process, we were able to create a highly sustainable, high-performance wall base."

Selp Healing Car Paint
The self-healing coating uses chitosan which is derived from chitin, the main component of the exoskeleton of crustaceans (lobsters, crabs, shrimps etc). The chitosan is chemically incorporated into traditional polymer materials, such as the ones used in the outer coatings to protect the paint on cars.

Fish Paint
"The Captain landed and settled in New Orleans to spend years conducting painstaking (and smelly) research. He finally settled on a fish-oil based paint that stopped rust, dried overnight and left no lingering aroma. Rust-Oleum Corporation was born."

Medical Supplies,
First Aid Supplies,
Over The Counter Treatments
and Drugs That Contain Fish and Shell Fish

Odour Control Product
Biofiltration uses shellfish byproduct for odour control
"Bord na Móna’s MónaShell enhanced biotrickling filter uses shells (a byproduct from the shellfish processing industry) in place of plastic media. Shells slowly release calcareous compounds, which neutralize acidic sulphur compounds. The result is effective pH control and sustained odour oxidation. MónaShell achieves up to 99 percent removal of odours, H2S, organic sulphides, and VOCs. Although the shell media is eventually consumed, with the exception of very high concentration regimes, life spans are similar to conventional filter media."

Eco Sea Tile
"EcoSeaTile has developed innovative ways to use waste lobster, mussel and clam shells discarded by the seafood processing industry. For years these shells have been considered trash and relegated to landfills. In collaboration with Shellstone, with its highly acclaimed and award winning products in the gift industry, EcoSeaTile has created a method of recycling this waste. The result is a series of stunning and eco-friendly products for your home or business."

Rust Proofing
"KO-66's rust proofing formula consists of several different penetrating and lubricating ingredients including LANOLIN and FISH OIL. KO-66 has a bituminous base, giving it that renowned sticking ability. It has a wax coponent which seals off the treated area, leaving the inner ingredients to stay moist and active to continue their penetrating and rust preventing work."

Gardening Products that Have Shellfish in Them

Liquid Shrimp Grow Fertilizer
"NaturaTech uses a patented low temperature enzymatic hydrolysis to preserve the shrimps’ natural proteins, nutrients, hormones and vitamins. The nutrients are then readily available for the microbial and fungal life in the soil and for absorption and use by plants."

Biomax Shrimp Compost
BIOMAX Peat Shrimp compost contains a composted blend of Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, Shrimp shells and limestone (to adjust pH level). Sphagnum peat moss is a soil conditioner which improves water-holding capacity and soil texture. Shrimp shells are a source of calcium for growing plants. Compost are an organic source of nutrients."

Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost
"Quoddy Blend is made from composted crab, lobster and aspen bark. The crab and lobster shells are a rich source of calcium and chitin, the aspen bark a source of tannins and lignins. It's a blend that's perfect for your vegetable garden, especially for your tomatoes! The calcium content is beneficial for lilacs and roses too.

Fish Fertilizer
Segate Fish Fertilizer
Seagate Fish Fertilizer Concentrate (FFC) is an organic fertilizer derived from whole anchovies and sardines caught along the shores of Baja California. The highly concentrated powder in this container is made from and is the equivalent to 16 lbs. of whole fish. FFC is a multi-purpose long-lasting indoor/outdoor fertilizer that can be applied to flowers, trees, and vegetables, and last up to 4 to 5 months between applications."

Plastic Made From Shrimp and Other Crustaceans

Recycled Shrimp Shell packaging Better Than Plastic
Packaging made from recycled crustacean shells is attracting attention for its strong results in both environmental impact and food preservation effectiveness in a new Spanish study, reports.

Bio Electric
Like many of today’s electronic components, the Chinese Mitten Crab comes from Asia. This species invades our rivers, and is an unwanted, local resource. Currently, I am extracting Chitin polymers from crushed crab shells, and perfecting chemical-free “slow production” methods to make bio-plastics for the casings of electronic products.

Shrimp Shells Could Provide Biodegradable Plastic Alternative (article)
"After Wyss announced its progress making chitosan-based materials in March, they were approached by a variety of companies and entrepreneurs eager to learn about it and explore possible commercial uses, said Javier Fernandez, a lead researcher on the project.

One example, a simple drinking cup, could be made from about 200 grams of shrimp shells, about a handful, Fernandez said."

Medical Supplies,
First Aid Supplies,
Over The Counter Treatments
and Drugs That Contain Fish and Shell Fish

"Postdoctoral fellow Javier Fernandez (right) and Don Ingber, director at the Wyss Institute, have created a new material made from discarded shrimp shells and proteins derived from silk called “shrilk.” It is thin, clear, flexible, and hard as aluminum at half the weight. Shrilk not only will degrade in a landfill, but its basic components are used as fertilizer, and so will enrich the soil."

Golf Balls
Fore! New biodegradable golf balls are made from lobster shells
"Golfers may soon be able to eat their lobster and hit it, too.

The University of Maine and the Lobster Institute, a joint Canada-U.S. industry organization, have teamed to produce a biodegradable golf ball made entirely from lobster shells previously destined for the scrap heap.

The crustacean-based spheres break down in less than two weeks, substantially less time than toxin-laced regular balls that scientists say can sit in woods and ponds for up to 1,000 years.

Miscellaneous Products that Have Shellfish in Them

Lobster Pens
"These unique Maine Pens reflect our state’s love of the sea. The red is crushed lobster shell, and the blue is crushed mussel shell. Each time you use this pen you are proudly displaying the country’s colors and also supporting our troops, wherever they are."

Coasters Recycled lobster Shells
"Beautiful unique set of 4 eco-friendly coasters. Made in the USA from reclaimed lobster shells that would otherwise have gone to land-fill."

Under Eye Cream
Correcting Eye Rescue
"Chitosan Chitin and Chitosan are well-known natural biopolymers that occur in many organisms, such as crustaceans, insects, fungi and algae. Chitin is one of the most common natural polysaccharides. The most important source of chitosan (produces the most consistent quality) is shrimp shells from the species Pandalus Borealis from Norway."

Fish Shell Lip Balm Case
Shell Lip Balm
"Our shells are 100% REAL and not man-made. We restore them to their natural beauty and fill them with completely organic lip balm produced in Australia."

Industrial Lubricants
MAKO OIL and other Mako Products contain deep sea fish oil extracted from the head and frame of fish after being filleted.

Fish oil has been used for centuries in the preservation of leather, timber and the protection of metals. It also has an unsurpassed natural lubricating ability. Fish oil was used in hydraulics long before synthetic and crude oil substances were invented because it did not damage rubber fittings, hoses etc.

Does Lipstick Contain Fish Scales
"Fish scales are sometimes added to cosmetics such as lipstick and nail polish to give it the same shimmering affect that they give the fish. Of course, you won't find the ingredient ‘fish scales' on your cosmetic labels. Not unlike the fancy term ‘caviar' that has been given to fish eggs, fish scales that are ground into a shimmery additive for cosmetics are called ‘pearl essence' or ‘pearlesence'.
(Thanks SC for this info)

Exquisite Motorcycles Made From Recycled Lobster Shells (article)
"Chef Mingbo put his talents to work, utilizing the discarded shells in his restaurant into something more creative: Miniature models of motorcycles made from lobster shells. And like the lobsters they are made from, no two motorcycles are the exact same."

Chemurgy And
Allergens Blog

Chemurgy And
Allergens Blog

Solar Energy
Solar Energy Created With Shrimp Shells
In a new unique study, scientists have successfully created solar cells using the shells of shrimps and other crustaceans of all things, possibly leading to a sustainable form of renewable energy.

Harvesting Uranium
Uranium From Seawater Idea Boosted With Shrimpshells
A happy coincidence in the seafood industry has raised the prospects of harvesting uranium - the fuel source for nuclear power - from seawater.

Oceans hold billions of tonnes of uranium at tiny concentrations, but extracting it remains uneconomical.

A report at the 244th meeting of the American Chemical Society described a new technique using uranium-absorbing mats made from discarded shrimp shells.

"Everyone knows that Baltimore is famous for its steamed crabs in the summertime. Razzo has taken recycling to the extreme by converting discarded crab shells into works of art! Painted oyster shells are for sale as well. Bring a taste of the summer into your home year round or use our shells to add personality to your Christmas tree."

Banana Crop Product
Good news for banana lovers: Help may be on the way to slow that rapid over-ripening (article)
The coating is a so-called "hydrogel," a superabsorbent material like those with many medical and commercial uses, made from chitosan, a substance derived from shrimp and crab shells. Xihong Li, Ph.D., who presented the report, noted that chitosan is attracting considerable attention in efforts to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer due to its action in killing bacteria that cause produce to rot, low cost and other properties.

Banana Crop Product
Keep Your Bananas Ripe by Spraying Them With Recycled Shrimp Shells (article)
"Science spends a lot of time taking care of bananas — inventing refrigerated ships, crushing acres' worth of them to come up with enough seeds to breed, and so on. Now a group of Chinese researchers are proposing a secondary banana coat, spraying Andrew W.K.'s favorite fruits with a hydrogel made from discarded shrimp shells."

Banana Crop Product
Fight Against Brown Bananas with Crab Shell Compound (article)
Science may have the solution: a chemical "hydrogel" coating made from chitosan, derived from the shells of crabs and shrimp. Chitosan is already sprayed on lots of other fruits and vegetables to kill bacteria and keep produce fresh. And on Wednesday, Xihong Li of Tianjin University presented data at a meeting of the American Chemical Society showing that it can work to delay banana ripening

Maine Shellware
We are dedicated to bringing products from Lobster shells, Clam shells and Mussels with great color combinations! We are a ECO Friendly company and our products include: MUGS, Picture Frames, Serving Trivets, Cheese Boards and Ornaments!"

Lobster Designs
Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets made with Lobster Shell, Oyster Shell, and Mussel Shell."

"This beautiful hand-crochet choker is made from dyed fish-scales. It comes with a pair of matching earrings and is extremely light and fun to wear."



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